Featured Teacher: How Professor Grant Transforms the Way Millennial Students Study Music with Powtoon

Music is the language of the soul. It has the ability to intensify emotions, calm, inspire, motivate… and get your booty shakin'! And, it also happens to be one

How to Techify Any Lesson Plan with these 4 Classroom Friendly Apps

Schools around the country are stepping up efforts to integrate technology into the classroom, and teachers are feeling it more than ever. Not only must they learn how

Announcing Simple Mode – Creating a PowToon just got 150x Easier

Every so often a tool is created that is so different and so unbelievably useful that it actually changes the way society functions.

Now comes the most epic of

How Cartoons Improve Society – with these 2 Weird Scientific Facts

I recently came across the most outrageous study while watching documentaries on Youtube; Scientists were trying to discover the human nature of kindness - by using hot sauce.
In the

11 ways to use PowToon at work

Do you know that icy cold chill running down your back in anticipation of a really important meeting? I was terrified of facing another room full of executives staring

Case Study: PowToon Reaches Volunteer Teachers in Rural Mexico and this is What Happened…

Last year, in September 2014, PowToon launched our mega back to school campaign, handing out $5 Million Dollars worth of FREE  PowToon accounts to teachers and educators across the globe.

Dear Mary: Your One Stop Shop For Video Creation Advice

PowToon is proud to announce the much anticipated 7th video in our Dear Mary video series! Enjoy the show, and let Mary's wonderful advice help you create awesome, engaging videos! Mary

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