This is the Best and Fastest Way to Hire New Employees (that are Awesome)

He repeated the same answer over and over again; the number one factor that influenced his success was his choice of staff.  The secret is to “hire really smart, really

How to Make the Most Mind Blowing Vision Board in Just 4 Steps

No matter how hard they try, they find themselves stuck in a pattern, putting a lot of effort into what seems to be completely futile. They wish for

6 Killer Tips to Make Content-Based Videos Sticky

This is an Awesome Guest post Written by Des Woodruff, President / Founder: 

By 2017, 79% of all Internet traffic is projected to be via broad video consumption (TV, video-on-demand,

3 Psychological Techniques To Get People Addicted To Your Videos

Gideon Shalwick is YouTube’s #1 most subscribed online video marketing channel. He is also he founder of and co-founder of, two startups in the video marketing space. He

How to Rank YouTube Videos on the First Page of Google

I've been using videos to market our startup

Now, you might already be aware that video is an important marketing tool in today's online world — that's why products like

10 Ways Video Can Rapidly Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

With over 5 years of being in business for ourselves, I can chalk our success up to two things: Insanely valuable services, and phenomenal marketing - specifically video

How to Techify Any Lesson Plan with these 4 Classroom Friendly Apps

Schools around the country are stepping up efforts to integrate technology into the classroom, and teachers are feeling it more than ever. Not only must they learn how

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