PowToon business plans

Premium plans give you hundreds of royalty free images, dozens of royalty free music tunes, and a higher publish quality

25 publishes*
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$8 /publish
Total $200 instead of $450

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$0 /publish
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10 publishes*

$12 /publish
Total $120 instead of $180

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$0 /publish
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5 publishes*

$18 /publish
Total $90

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$0 /publish

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Watermark No Watermark Powtoon Watermark
Download Quality HD quality No Download
Max. length Up to 15 min. Up to 5 min.
Privacy Full Control Partial Control
Upload to YouTube HD Quality SD Quality
Music library 10 tunes 10 tunes
Style library 8 styles 8 styles

* All publish credits are valid for 6 months
VAT will be added at the checkout for European Unions customers only.

Yearly subscription


$57 /month

billed annually


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$19 /month

billed annually


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Monthly subscription


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Watermark No Watermark No Watermark Powtoon Watermark
Video Outro None / Add Your Own None / Add Your Own Created Using PowToon
Download Quality HD / Full HD quality HD quality No Download
Max. length HD 60 Min./Full HD 8 Min. Up to 15 min. Up to 5 min.
Upload to YouTube Full HD quality HD Quality SD Quality
Royalty free music Unlimited 20 tunes 10 tunes
Royalty free styles Unlimited 13 styles 10 styles
Add your own art Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video Streaming Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Commercial rights Third Party Transfer Rights For Your Own Business Use with PowToon Branding
Monetization rights Yes No No

All subscription plans are automatically renewed, but can be cancelled at anytime. 
VAT will be added at the checkout for European Unions customers only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Professional account and the Business account?

The business account is perfect for designers and advertisers that want to create high quality content. Business users can create Powtoons of up to 60 minutes long in HD and up to 8 minutes long in Full HD for TV quality videos. We will be adding many new styles and libraries to the business account as well as some unique features.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just click on your username on the top right corner of your "My Powtoons" page then select "Account" and follow the wizard. Your future charges will be cancelled and you will be downgraded to the free account.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Changing plans is really simple. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by contacting support@powtoon.com, or by purchasing the new plan and cancelling the old one as a separate transaction.

What is PowToon's delivery method and how do I access it?

PowToon is an online service that is delivered instantly via web-browser using the login and password that you registered with.

What are PowToon credits?

Free account holders can purchase PowToon credits to publish their Powtoons or upload Powtoons to YouTube. The Powtoons will not have the Powtoon logo watermark. Credits expire after 6 months.

Will I still have access to the file for editing if I cancel my premium membership?

If you cancel your premium subscription you will retain a FREE membership plan which is limited to the plan's restrictions and features. All your Powtoons and media will remain in your account.

Can I get a refund?

PowToon takes your concerns seriously. If you have encountered a problem of any kind please email support@powtoon.com for a resolution.