Tutorials page

Getting started with your classroom account

Length: 1:35
How to open a class account and invite students

Sound Manager

Length: 2:12
Check out the new sound options in the Sound Manager. import 2 different tracks and recording voice over.

PowToon basics

Length: 1:00
Introduction to the user interface.

The Library

Length: 1:00
Powtoon has built-In libraries of characters and props you can drag-and-drop in to your animated presentations. The libraries are organized in thematic "styles".

Timeline - I

Length: 1:00
Introducing the timeline. How to use the Powtoon timeline to create animations, object entry, exit and duration.

Timeline - II

Length: 1:00
How to create Enter and Exit effects for an item you wish to animate.

Timeline - III

Length: 1:00
Navigation Thumbnails - How to manage multiple objects.

Slide Panel - I

Length: 1:00
Exploring the slide panel - How to change the order of your slides

Slide Panel - II

Length: 1:30
More Slide Panel Functions

Menu Panel I

Length: 1:30
Basic functions of the Menu Panel

Menu Panel II

Length: 1:30
Exploring the export options

Convert your PowerPoint into An Animated Presentation with PowToon

Length: 3:05
Powtoon is the easiest tool for creating animated Presentations but converting your Powerpoint into Powtoon takes a little creative "touch".

PowToon Tips #1

Length: 2:34
Design and Animation tutorial. More functions of PowToon and a few tips for frame design

PowToon Overview

Length: 3:40
Introduction to Powtoon: Learn the basics of PowToon.

PowToon Overview 2

Length: 5:47
Learn the basics of PowToon work environment for creating animated presentations and videos.

PowToon Tip #2

Length: 3:05
Marker style background tutorial and More PowToon Tips

PowToon Tips #3

Length: 4:30
New Style in Presentation Mode tutorial. Learn how to create animated presentations.