PowToon QuickStart Guide

Free mini-course shows you the quickest way to make a PowToon that looks professional and awesome

KickStart Your Awesomeness with an Overview of the PowToon Essentials

Length: 1:27

How To Add The Perfect Animations To Your Video

Length: 1:00
How To Add The Perfect Characters, Slides & Animation Into Your Timeline

Use the PowToon Library for Awesome Props & Much More!

Length: 1:00
How To Use The Library: Powtoon has built-In libraries of characters and props you can drag-and-drop in to your animated presentations. The libraries are organized in thematic "styles".

How To Use the PowToon Timeline To Create Gorgeous Sequences

Length: 1:00
How To Use The Timeline: How to use the Powtoon timeline to create animations, object entry, exit and duration.

How To Master The PowToon Timeline

Length: 1:00
How To Master The Timeline: Navigation Thumbnails - How to manage multiple objects.

How To Use The Side Panel

Length: 1:00
How To Use The Side Panel: Exploring the slide panel - How to change the order of your slides

You Can Master The Side Panel...With This!

Length: 1:30
Mastering The Side Panel

Use The Menu Panel To SPICE Up Your Video

Length: 1:30
How To Use The Menu Panel

How You Can Easily Master The Menu Panel

Length: 1:30
Mastering The Menu Panel