3 Reasons To Join Our Club!

Have you been wrestling with the idea of upgrading to one of our FANTASTIC PowToon premium accounts, but just haven’t had enough information to make the big decision? We completely understand, which is why we are giving you 3 reasons that will make it very hard to say no to an upgrade!

1) Access to our top premium styles!

Feeling like your PowToons are lacking that unique, special quality? Just imagine your next marketing video using one of our AWESOME premium styles illustrated in the video above. The sky is the limit with these brilliant illustrations and animations, and we guarantee they will help your next video become a converting hit!


2) HD + Unlimited Perks!

With our PowToon premium Business account you will not only have unlimited HD exports (which is huge if you use video for marketing purposes), but you will also have unlimited access to each and every one of our styles and tunes! You read that correctly! Every time we add any style, package, sound effect, song, or instrumental tune, you will automatically get it at no additional cost! This is the ultimate all exclusive plan, and well worth the investment!


3) #Slides for FREE

We have saved the best for last! PowToon’s new product, #Slides, will follow a similar platform to PowToon meaning that there will be a free version of #Slides, an Edu version, and a premium version featuring all of the amazing styles and features you see in this video below! As a gift to our premium users we have decided to give you the premium version of #Slides completely FREE to show how much we love and appreciate your support and commitment to PowToon! This new presentation software is really going to revolutionize the field, and you don’t want to miss the chance to get it absolutely free of charge!



Upgrading is easy! Simply The following two tabs change content below.

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