Effective Explainer Video increases Self-Signups

We really liked this animated explainer made with PowToon so we decided to share it.   Fiona Adler of Word Of Mouth Online provided a great testimonial.

“Word Of Mouth Online – www.womo.com.au – is Australia’s leading customer reviews website. Kind of like Yelp… but with a few differences. One key distinction is that we operate on a shoestring and need to be profitable! Without external investment, we’re forced to work smarter and massive teams of sales consultants are out of the question. Our revenue model focuses on businesses signing up for our word-of-mouth marketing package – the “Happy Customers Program”. This program works extremely well for local service businesses but the problem was that businesses weren’t signing up because they didn’t understand how it works.

We had deliberated about hiring a professional video design firm to create a video for us – but prices started at thousands of dollars. Plus, what if we added a feature and wanted to change something later? Massive costs and no flexibility. Luckily, we stumbled on Powtoon. After a bit of a play on the free-trial, we signed up and within a couple of weeks we had a great explainer video.

The process we used seemed to work well – first we wrote out a script for the voiceover. We created this by listening to our best consultants doing their telephone sales pitches, and then condensed and condensed over a couple of versions. We put this in a table format, breaking it up into small segments with the script on the left and a rough plan for the imagery on the right (refer to attached image). We initially recorded the voiceover ourselves and then started creating the slides and animations in Powtoon. We predominantly used the “Picto style”, but also created a few images ourselves and used some stock images. Once we were happy, we used VoiceBunny to get a professional recording – in hindsight we could have saved some time by starting with this but it did allow us to make some minor changes to the script before getting the voiceover done. On getting the recording back, we made a few slight adjustments to the timings and voila! A great video was created in a just couple of weeks (and probably only a couple of days of work all up).

The result has been fantastic. By including the video on our signup page and also in our automated email sequence, we’ve tripled our rate of self-signups. By using the Powtoon video, we were able to break down exactly how our program works and present ourselves in a really professional way. Business owners regularly comment on how much they like the video. We’ll continue to use Powtoon to make some industry versions of this video and some more detailed “how-to” videos for businesses that use the Happy Customers Program”


Created using PowToon - Free business animation software

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