Animated Explainer Video – explained

Explainer Video – ​ Explained

What is an explainer video? Simple: its a video that explains something to someone. For instance: imagine an explainer video on your website’s homepage that explains​ what you do to your audience. There are many types of explainer videos (explainers): Infovideos, video​ infographics,​ promotional videos, how-to (How To) videos and tutorials. ​ Explainer videos are typically loaded on website home pages and landing pages but they are also used often for employee training or crowd control. ​ Remember that animated video you see when you stand in line for the security check at ​ the airport? Yeah – the one that explains what NOT to pack. ​ Yup – that’s and explainer too.
Companies are using explainer videos when they feel the audience might not quite understand what they have to offer.



What makes explainer videos so great for marketing?

1. ​ Animation = Cheap production

While a studio production video costs $$$$, animated explainers can cost just a few (Powtoon even has a free option). ​ Customers want just a short 90 seconds​ YouTube​ animated video explainer​ done​ in a few hours or days, not an expensive production video. ​ Animations are rich in graphics and can feature a great voice over​ which can’t​ be done in video. ​ Additionally, Animated explainers are a little like a​ whiteboard,​ you can easily make revisions and post to​ YouTube.

2.​ Sales​ customization is easy with an explainer video

Since explainer videos often address the audience in person you can easily customize the explainer to explain in terms and context that your audience can relate to. ​ Check out the following explainer Insightera created using PowToon.


create animations free with Powtoon - The Powerpoint alternative
Explainer video Created using Powtoon – Version 1


Notice how they voice over mentions the company Rachel works at? ​ Well, Insightera created copies of this video and made small changes to the voice over and logos to mention other specific companies. ​ They decide to show a specific video based on who the viewer is. ​ ​ Smart, right? You bet-ya! This kind of customization is easy with animated explainer videos and also possible with production studio explainer videos.

3. Motion Graphics attract eyeballs

Animated explainer videos are even better when you add motion graphics. ​ Why? Because motion graphics in animated explainer videos are just eyeball magnets! ​ Remember those baby Einstein​ videos? ​ Babies could watch them for hours. It also works for adults but only for a minute or two (That is why most explainers are only about 90 seconds long). ​ Another thing: People hate reading when there is an alternative. ​ When was the last time you actually enjoyed reading sales or marketing material? Would you rather read this blog post or would you rather watch a short personalized explainer? Thought so. ​ The reason why we have this as a post and not as an animated PowToon video is because our production and Andrew at the creative departments​ are overbooked (and because we need this blog for SEO).



4. Great narratives make compelling explainer videos


Any great explainer starts with a​ great voice over. ​ In-fact, it’s only about the voice over. ​ The animations can be super simple and crude, but if they support a great narrative, your audience will become engaged and hopefully turn into customers. People like to listen to people who explain to them, not lecture, so write a script that is personal and explain your brand’s message simply so anyone can understand. ​ You can get voice overs​ for cheap. Then support your voice over with simple graphics. You can use a motion graphics software like The following two tabs change content below.

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