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One of the biggest requests we get from the tribe is to have an easy way to create dynamic ‘Graphs and Charts’ in Powtoon. Now you can – and it only takes a minute!

Watch this Powtoon to see how easy it is to turn boring numbers into ‘DATA MAGIC’:

The all new dynamic Graphs & Charts are PERFECT for your next ‘Sales Report’, ‘Quarterly Review’, ‘Market Analysis’, or ‘Training Video’ in a Powtoon to grab your colleagues and clients attention:

  1. For example, if you wanted to make a Sales Report for the 4 sales people in your department, let’s say Steve, Amy, Jon & Dave
  2. You enter the number of sales each rep did – and voila! You get an instant overview of how all of the reps performed.

Dynamic graphs and charts in a Powtoon are the best way to explain anything DATA related.

Here’s how Graphs & Charts work:


  1. Click Graphs in your side-panel
  2. Click what kind you want
  3. Click ‘edit’ to enter your info


…and we’re done! In less than a minute – you have a high value dynamic graph and chart!

This makes your Powtoon 10 times more valuable now.

…just think of all the data you can quickly, easily, and BEAUTIFULLY explain with this.

WOW your colleagues and clients with a high-value Powtoon for work…go make yours now.

Let me know in the comments below:


How do YOU plan on turning ‘stale numbers’ into ‘DATA MAGIC’?


*This article was originally posted in August 2016. To stay up-to-date with our latest features, check out Powtoon’s product updates here!

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Ari Sherbill

VP Business Development @Powtoon. Ari's known as the "High Energy Guy" who currently advises Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood Studios and over 5,000 executives and business owners every month how to increase their leads, engagement and sales with Powtoon. He's spoken on stage with MGM, the Sands Hotel, 3M and Oracle. NASA referred to his strategies as "fresh and intriguing". Learn how to grow your sales and impact by following me on twitter: @AriSherbill


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