How To Create A Product Demo PowToon

Welcome to our “How To” tutorial series!?We have recorded a few tutorials that explain step-by-step “How to create your first Powtoon”.


The tutorial series consists of short clips based on the post -?How to create an animated presentation in 5 easy steps?creating the following 30 seconds animated product demo video presentation:


Step 1: Script – How to write a script

In this session we present a simple way of how to write a script that can capture your audience?attention and convince them to take action:

The PowToon 5-Step script writing method

1. Point out the problem

2. Indicate that you have a solution

3. Aggravate the problem

4. Show benefits of your solution

5. Call for action

Step 2: Voice-Over Guide / Background Music

Here we indicate the?importance?of creating a “voice-over-guide” for your Powtoon. You can either record a guide by yourself, hire a pro, use a text-to-voice tool. This session also shows how to upload an mp3 file to your Powtoon.

Steps 3 & 4: Dividing the Slides,?Populate the Slides?

In this session we show how to?distribute?your script to slides and create the baseline for scenes. It also shows how to time text objects to coincide with the the voice-over.


Step 5: ?Timing

In this session you will learn how to?add graphics to your scenes using them from PowToon ready libraries or by uploading them from external sources, timing them, and giving them different effects. After watching this, you will be pretty equipped with the knowledge and tools you need in order to start creating your own Powtoon.

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