Create Viral YouTube Videos that Lead to Action

How do you write a script for a video that gets people to take action? James Wedmore put together a winning template for a script.  Just follow his instructions and create a Powtoon!


Animated Presentation explainers

In case you missed the point in the video: The 5 parts of the YouTube video template are:

  1. Attention Grabber – 8 seconds to grab their attention (like an article title)
  2. Intro Bumper (why is this topic important)
  3. The Content (needs to have some real value)
  4. Outro Bumper (call to action)
  5. Outtakes (don’t do this with animated videos).


Cool eh? So, log in and create your own awesome animated video with PowToon 



Special Thanks to  and his social media examiner website.

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