How-To PowToon: The ‘Neon Bar Sign Effect’

Hi there! I’m Kjeld and I’m blogging about the things I encounter while working with PowToon. I want to share my thoughts on certain subjects and hopefully share some tips and tricks that you could use while creating your videos. Please let me know your thoughts!

For a Powtoon (animated presentation) I had to create a Restaurant scene. At first, I got a bit nervous because there aren’t too many PowToon attributes to create such an environment. So, I started adding multiple characters to the frame – to make it look like a crowded place. I gave them something to drink and something to eat. But in fact, it got too messy and you really couldn’t see it was supposed to be a restaurant. Obviously that didn’t work.

I had to come up with something more simple.

And there is a very simple but effective way to show that you are at a restaurant: just put the word RESTAURANT in the corner of the slide. That’s it.

I hear you thinking: “yeah whatever”. I know. But it works!

You don’t have to create 12 tables with people eating steaks or drinking wine. No chatting couples at the bar, no bartender pouring Martinis and no waitresses carrying around plates. Now you can focus on one or two people holding a drink or just show a fork and a knife, because we all know: it’s representing a restaurant. Because it says so! The same goes for Bars, Discoteques, Karaoke, Clubs and so on.

Alright. Just putting up the text RESTAURANT or BAR isn’t too exciting, I admit. That’s why I had to give it a nice little twist. Do you know those flashy neon bar signs? I wanted to create one of them. But that text effect doesn’t come standard with PowToon. So I experimented a little. See the video above.

Tip: background noises of a Bar or Restaurant could definitely help to set the atmosphere! See if you can find those too.

I hope you like this effect. Let me know if you use this too and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

This is a post by Kjeld, Master PowToonist at Creanimate. If you need an awesome animated video, you can contact him at the PowToon Market Place.

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