How we came to create the best presentation software on the planet…(The secret origin)

Powtoon is the Best presentation software
​ PowerPoint, I was so frustrated that I started searching the web for something -​ ANYTHING​ – to replace it.

My Search for a PowerPoint replacement

In my search, I came up with about a dozen PowerPoint Web-A-Likes, Prezi and Sliderocket.​ Kudos to Prezi and Sliderocket for trying something a little different, but when I tried them, they just didn’t hit the spot for me.​ I felt initially that Prezi was a little difficult to get my head around with all the paths etc…and I abandoned it after the first few tries, while Sliderocket did not depart far enough from Power Point to​ warrant​ a change over. (I apologize to both Prezi and Sliderocket for this simplistic summary of their shortcomings).

Epipheostudios do the most awesome presentations

While I was researching the presentation space​ Epipheostudio​ clips were popping up all over the place; 90 second product demo clips that just blow you away with their visual engagement. That’s the type of presentation I wanted to create…. but when I​ inquired​ about the price…. I nearly had kittens. A 90 second clip created by their animation studio was going to set me back $15,000-$25,000 and would take up to 10 weeks to make. No more needed to be said.

How can I create presentations that pack Epipheo’s punch without spending $15,000?

My next move was to search the web for a tool that would allow me to create an animated presentation a’la Epipheo. There was just nothing out there except:

1.) super professional tools like Adobe’s Flash for which I would need another university degree before I could use it (also not​ exactly​ the smallest price tag at $699) , and

2.) gimmicky tools like extranormal or animoto which did not cater for my awesome-presentation-needs.

My conclusion was that I would have to return to my underwhelming PowerPoint slides with their awkward transitions and poor visuals (after all PowerPoint does what it does! And it does it pretty well! )

Nothing out there satisfied my awesome-presentation-needs

Once I was convinced that there is nothing out there that satisfies my “awesome presentation software need”, I filed this dream software in the someone-will-surely-launch-this-product-soon category. (Although I built the business case in my mind – I didn’t think that I would actually be the one to launch the software at this point).

In my​ disappointment: I filed this dream presentation tool in the someone-will-surely-launch-this-product-soon category

I didn’t give this another thought until​ I was sitting in a Caffee with my friend Daniel​ a few months later. He was asking my advise on a new project he had just launched with one of Israel’s top animators: They had entered into a partnership to set up an animation studio a’la epipheostudios for a somewhat lower price tag…. Daniel would provide the business expertise while Oren would provide the production and animation talent.

I strongly advised against the animation studio model on account of it’s difficulty to scale and heavy time overheads: animating every scene is extremely time intensive labor and does not really scale easily.​ However, I saw an opportunity to put together the core of a team that could create my​ someone-will-surely-launch-this-product-soon dream software, and I pitched the idea to Danny.​

The minute the words left my mouth Danny’s eyes lit up… from that moment we have moved at a breakneck pace.

My only condition to my co-founder was:​ Our software must address all the frustrations that people have with Power Point and Keynote, even if that means limiting much of the functionality in exchange for usability and design.

The PowToon Mission: Address​ all the frustrations that people have with Power Point and Keynote and add​ animation​ and killer design

We defined our mission as: PowToon will create the world’s most minimalist, user friendly and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional “look and feel” animated presentations.

Our aim is to establish a new presentation category called “PowToon” – a combination of presentation and animated cartoon – as the industry standard for evolved (animated) presentations.

Our greater vision is to effect the way people communicate in a profound way: “If a picture speaks a thousand words, an animation conveys an idea.”

In the next series of post we will outline how the hard work of turning an idea into reality began… please stay tuned and LIKE.

Category5 TV reviews Powtoon presentation software
Category5 TV reviews Powtoon presentation software
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