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Animation studios charge thousands of dollars for a cool explainer video for your homepage.  But with PowToon you can make an animated video for free online. It’s easy.  PowToon has a cool user interface that allows you to make an animated video and an animated YouTube movie yourself without learning animation software.


What is an animated explainer video?

You can create an animated video using Powtoon that explains to the viewer what it is you do and what makes you special.  Below is one example of an explainer video.  You could explain anything: how your product works, why someone should hire you or why Constantinople was renamed Istanbul. Animated movies contain animated characters and PowToon has a tool for you to easily select your favorite characters and animate them with simple effects.



How to make an animated video free online


  1. Go to and pick either a free account or one of the premium options.
  2. Sign up using your email address or with your preferred social sign-in
  3. Click start.  A wizard will pop up providing options for various animated templates movies and presentations.
  4. Pick your preferred template.
  5. The animation tool will open up with the template you selected.  You are well on your way to create your own free animated video.
  6. Select characters and props and go-animate.
  7. When you are ready, you can view your animated clip on the PowToon website, share it,  embed it or export it to YouTube.


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