Music Soundtracks that automatically match the length of your animation

So you know what it’s like when you want to make an awesome animated video and your background music sound track is just too short?

Yeah – it’s a bummer. ​ Well, fortunately, The PowToon scientists came up with an awesome solution for this problem. ​ We call it the (Ready…) “Looped Sound feature” . ​ This is really cool because now powtoon will match the length of the soundtrack you pick to the length of your animated movie. ​ all you have to do is click the loop button in the sound manager (as shown in the image below). ​ If you do not select loop then the music will simply end ​ at the indicated length. ​ This could work well if you want to open with a music intro and then switch to a voiceover independently of the music.

PowToon animated videos with awesome soundtracks


Oren (Dr. Awesome) made this short tutorial for you:


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