How Our Beta Users Developed PowToon’s Pricing Model


PowToon snapshot of an animated presentaionHow could mere mortals afford​ to pay $3,000 – $15,000 for a 90 second animated presentation?​ We were frustrated that it was so expensive to create something that should be accessible to everyone. That’s one of the big reasons we​ launched PowToon.

Professional looking, attention grabbing presentations should be a tool anyone can access and employ, wouldn’t you agree?

Our frustration seems to have been shared by a lot of people because PowToon is growing at a lightning pace, and server and bandwidth costs as well as the resources required to provide a good customer service are mounting. To continue developing the product and offering you a great service we are moving out of the FREE beta phase.​ In keeping with our motto of being transparent, fair,​ super​ useful, and usable, we want to make sure that our pricing model works for our users. So rather than deciding on what to charge ourselves, we asked our beta users in a recent survey exactly how and how much they want to pay for PowToon.

If you participated in that survey, we’d like to thank you and share some of the insights:

We based the general structure of our new price plans on user requests for:

1. HD exports
2. removal of branding
3. Powtoon length and
4. access to design libraries

PowToon’s user mix

Who Uses PowToon to create animated Presentations

Value of a PowToon animated presentation (Powtoon)

  • The average value that our users gave to one Powtoon was $89.87 – for just one single Powtoon

Why Powtoon is the cheapest animation software in the world

Payment Model

  • most​ users preferred pay-per-use packages
  • many wanted affordable monthly pricing

Powtoon is the best powerpoint alternative

So we created price plans to cater for both.

To put things in perspective, and to come up with a fair price we considered that; if a professional charges $3,000 — $15,000 to create an animated presentation or video, if we allow people to make a Powtoon for as little as 2% (two percent) of that price – we are doing something that benefits everyone.​

Inspired by the feedback and instructions from our users, we developed the following plans

  1. FREE: a free plan that has full PowToon Branding and a 45 second time restriction​ on the Powtoons
  2. FAN:​ a fan plan that has full PowToon Branding but no 45 second time restriction
  3. MARKETER: a marketer plan that allows users to create Powtoons without PowToon Branding and export them to YouTube
  4. PROFESSIONAL: a professional plan that allows users to create Powtoon without PowToon Branding, offers YouTube export, download to computer and has additional style libraries
  5. EDUCATION: a massively subsidized separate offering for the education space with special education branding
  6. AGENCY: an agency plan for TV and professional advertisers with all the bells and whistles
  7. PAY-PER-USE: if you only want to use PowToon to make a small number of Powtoons over a 1 – 3 month period

Our new price plans reflect our users requests, you can access them via the link below, but please don’t forget that if you are ​ a beta user, as a token of our appreciation, we’ll be offering you our professional plan at just a tiny fraction of the cost listed in the price plan.

Powtoon - best price for animated explainer video maker


We’ll be opening the doors to sign up for the One-Time-Offer on Thursday 18th October 2012 at 1pm EST – 6pm GMT London and keeping them open until 1pm EST on 24th October 2012.​ We may be forced to close the doors earlier if our more than 26,000 beta users require more support than we anticipate, so please sign up early.

Sign up now to get onto the “early bird” list and we will make sure to give you preference when assigning licenses.

For the Early Bird List please leave your email here:


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