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Which Online Animation software is the best? Review, Compare plans & features right here!

Our online animation software review focuses on Powtoon, Animoto and Sliderockt. Al three animator Programs work online so you​ don’t​ need to​ download​ them to your computer.

1.​ Powtoon​ – Online Animation Software Review: Cheap and simple.

The Powtoon 2D animator is our first pick in our Online Animation Software Review. ​ This online animation software was perfected for storytelling and creating​ simple Flash​ style movies and presentations. Creating motion is simple which is great if you don’t​ want to have to go through a hundred tutorials before you can create your first movie but it also means that complex powerful motion graphics are not quite what this program is for. Small business owners, precentors and marketers will love this software. Studio animators would find this program great for quick mock-ups but​ too​ simple for custom studio flash jobs.

Powtoon​ has six pricing options: Free, Starter, Pro, Pro+, Agency, and Enterprise.(Not to mention our EDU plans)

Powtoon’s​ free plan seems to be the most robust of all the online animations software free plans. ​ There are very few limitations. Essentially Powtoon seems to be happy to let you use their service for free if you don’t mind having the Powtoon logo on your video or presentation. ​ If you want to remove Powtoon’s logo on your video you can buy export credits or get an unlimited professional plan (Pro+) which starts at $59 a month.

The jewel of the crown here is the Agency account which starts at $99 per month. This is peanuts when compared to SlideRocket’s agency plan. ​ Unlimited TV quality FULL HD is not available anywhere else​ and seems to​ us like an incredible offer.


2.​ Animoto​ -​ Online Animation Software Review: ​ Reasonable, light-weight.

Animoto, the second program in our online animation software​ review, ​ is a great light-weight animation​ program. It was one of the first to come out in the mid​ two​ thousands and got a great deal of following because of that. But this animation software has lost a lot of its users to the competition due to lack of progress. ​ The videos are fine and the library selection is good. ​ Animoto also has a built-in music library for the soundtrack which is really nice. Those who are looking for a free option will not really find one here (read below)​ nor​ will power (agency) users find a suitable plan. ​ We find the user interface to be quite challenging​ for Pro users but nevertheless this is a real option for for creating explainers and animated videos.

Animoto​ does not really have a free plan (unless you have good use for a 30 second clip). ​ The “free” plan actually costs $2.5 a month which is reasonable but annoying (just make it free for pet’s sake). ​ The Pro plan starts at 20.75 per month which is just slightly more than Powtoon Professional. ​ Powtoon​ has many more styles and features and is easier to use but Animoto has the built in music libraries. ​ Make your pick as to which you need more. The way we see it, you can get free music at​ Last.FM. Animoto offers no agency account.


Online animation software review: Animoto animation software pricing options
Animoto animation software pricing options

​ 3.​ SlideRocket​ -​ Online Animation Software Review: Strong, Expensive, Limited.

Sliderocket​ rocks the slide-show scene. ​ Some of the animations are top notch. ​ The user interface is over the top serious black and​ very​ feature​ the​ largest content library. ​ SlideRocket’s​ claim to fame is their team collaboration (which is available in their most expensive plan) and we must admit, this is the most​ powerful​ PowerPoint​ alternative on the market. ​ Animators will find this program very limited (see below), not because of the graphics but because of the export limitations. ​ Using this animation software potential takes a real learning curve, but they also have lots of tutorials. ​ Users looking for a PowerPoint alternative rich in effects and flash plugins might be willing to pay the steep price this program demands.

SlideRocket positions itself closer to PowerPoint than​ to​ an animation software. ​ It does allow you to import PowerPoint presentations and it does have a nice collaboration tool that Powtoon and Animoto do not have. ​ But Sliderocket limits you to their player so it’s no good if you want to export to YouTube​ and Facebook​ or want to load your presentation to your own website (you can embed it).

SlideRoket​ has a limited free (lite) plan. ​ The free plan seems best for those used​ to​ PowerPoint and would like an alternative but not for those seeking to make animated videos for free. ​ The upgrade comes at the highest monthly price which is 25% higher than Powtoons’ (which is the cheapest). ​ SlideRocket has some impressive features and a gorgeous UI. ​ But since you can’t easily export your presentations you need to account for sticking with this pricing for life. ​ The agency account is ridiculously​ expensive and seems to target corporate sales teams in fortune 500 companies.


Online animation software review: SlideRocket Animation software pricing options
SlideRocket Animation software pricing options


Conclusion of our Online Animation Software Review:

Powtoon​ and​ animoto​ share many similarities but we find Powtoon to be much easier to use, better quality export files for the price and superb agency and free plans.

If you need to choose between the two animation programs we pick Powtoon because it offers:

  • Simple interface
  • Great export to your computer options
  • Best free animation account
  • Best value Agency account
Plus, Powtoon is constantly adding new features.SlideRocket seems like a slightly different animal and we recommend it to the presenters who are willing to pay the high price.

If you need a PowerPoint style amazingly crafted slide show we recommend SlideRocket because it features:

  • Most robust libraries and effects
  • Excellent Flash graphics
  • Poor export options
  • Wildly expensive agency plan
  • Powerful collaboration options

Neither program really offers 3d animation and we look forward to seeing these effects introduced in the future.
This concludes our​ Online Animation Software Review. ​ We hope you​ found​ it helpful!

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