PowToon Glass: Animate Your World

Ladies and gentlemen, PowToon is ecstatic to announce the soon to be launch of our well kept secret product, PowToon Glass! While our scientists were working tirelessly to bring you PowToon #Slides, they had an on the side, “secret” project that no one knew about until last week.

Modeled after the world famous Google glass, PowToon Glass allows the wearer to see the world in complete animation. Did you always dream of living a day in the life of a cartoon? Well, with PowToon Glass now you can!

PowToon Glass is a simple band that easily fits over the frame of your glasses (modeled very much after Google Glass). Once the band is secured you simply activate it by powering on the remote, and everything in your field of vision will be converted to animation.

Google Glass


It is one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology that our top scientists and engineers have been tirelessly working on to develop. It has taken months and months, and they have kept it well under wraps, but it is almost ready to be released!

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