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The Secret to an Awesome Powtoon: Starting with Storyboard


The Biggest Question

One of the biggest questions PowToon users ask is how to make the perfect Powtoon? We always recommend the same thing: Start with the end in mind. To make this process even easier and more intuitive, we dug deep into the research of how the best films and videos are made.

Work Like the Pros

From short ads to feature-length motion pictures, the work of planning the whole project begins with crafting a storyboard. A storyboard lays out each scene visually, so the director can get a bird’s-eye view of the entire production.


Storyboard: Powerful. Beautiful. Simple.

The PowToon tribe deserves the best, so we adapted this tried and true method and created Storyboard. It’s an intuitive way to structure your Powtoon before getting into the weeds of editing.


We’ve made Storyboard powerful by including structures to fit any use case. Each slide in the structure is designed to deliver the story element your audience craves at the exact right time.


Our professional design team has worked for hours over sleepless nights to provide a full library of scenes. Our library intuitively serves up the scenes that fit your structure best, which means you can just focus on the look and feel your audience demands.


We’ve made the process simple. Simply choose a look for your Powtoon. Select the structure that fits your needs and fill in the slides. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a compelling, professionally designed Powtoon. Add your custom text in the editor and you’re ready for awesomeness.

Build your first Storyboard right now!

How Will YOU Use Storyboard in Your Next Powtoon?

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