How To Make Powtoons With Pow!


Master PowToonist Carl Kwan.will show various techniques for creating Powtoons that engage the audience. ​ It’s more than just about animating – it’s about presenting with Style.

Powtoon is an awesome tool. Over 500,000 Powtoons and counting is proof in the pudding. But like any tool, it requires some skill and know-how to get the most out of it.

And one of the things you probably want to get out of Powtoon is something that grabs your audience’s attention, communicates your message and gets people to want to take action. The funny thing is, people say that’s what they want when they use PowerPoint but I’m pretty sure you’ve sat through some pretty awful PowerPoint presentations. Ones that, basically, totally sucked!

Of course, you wouldn’t be guilty of ever doing that, right? Right?

Well, with Powtoon, the big, awesome difference is of course, the toon part, the part that let’s you make website videos, product demo videos, explainer videos or educational videos.

So to help you take full advantage of what Powtoon can do, I’m going to be holding a free webinar called “How to Make Powtoons with Pow! Or at least ones that don’t suck.”

What’s going to happen in this no holds barred webinar is I’m going to take a look at, dissect and reconstruct some of your Powtoons and turn them into something you would be proud of to put up on your website, promote your business or show off to your class.

So be sure to register for the webinar and get your Powtoon ready.

Master PowToonist - Carl Kwan - Makes awesome animated presentations

Carl Kwan​ was born in Hong Kong and is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. He moved to Seoul in 2004 to be with the woman of his dreams. ​ Carl has a passion for helping professionals and businesses succeed. He combines this with his presentations, video production, storytelling, marketing, communication skills and​ personal experience in Eastern/Western culture to provide unparalleled value to client projects.



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