Solar Freaking Roadways

This has nothing to do with PowToon, but I just wanted to share some true awesomeness to inspire you.

Not only is this an incredibly funny and engaging video script (make sure to grab some tips from it for your next PowToon script), but how awesome would it be if this could become reality?

As an aside, I have my own “world problem” that I will one day tackle (oh yes I will): As a man with key’s, credit cards, cash, a mobile phone etc…, I have too much stuff for my pockets, and too little for a backpack!

What to do? I am genuinely asking for your help, and before you offer a man-purse as a solution, this was my wife’s response when I texted her an image of myself with one!



Please let me know what you think in the comment section of this post!

Stay awesome,


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Ilya Spitalnik

PowToon's Chief Renegade Scientist


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