The 10 secrets to making a killer online presentation

Online presentation software is one of the most effective marketing and presentation tools, allowing companies to engage their audience with powerful content. By creating online presentations, it allows the user to collaborate with other team members, share ideas, and publish their ideas to the world. Â It is an impressive way to convey ideas and information to colleagues, clients, and peers.Many professionals are looking for a Powerpoint substitute which will allow more flexibility and engaging features when creating their presentations.

There are many websites that boast free presentation software for both PC and Mac. Easy to use business presentation templates are available for the novice user who is looking to create professional and dynamic proposals.Presentation software is easy to use and has the ability to keep your audience interested with engaging designs and content.

Here are ten secrets to make a killer online presentation:

  1.  Tell Your Story – Steve Jobs was one of the most captivating business presenters. He was able to portrait a story, engaging his audience and allowing them to fit themselves into that story. He was able to demonstrate how his story related to their lives, and how his product could do the same. People remember stories and feelings, not numbers and facts. They will be able to recall your story and pass it along to others, making your presentation and idea memorable.
  2. One Step at a Time – Although you may be passionate about your presentation, most audiences will need time to digest the information you are presenting. By hitting key points, one slide at a time, you will give your audience the necessary time to process the details. This is a great opportunity to highlight your specific point with use of a chart, video, or image to drive the message home.
  3. Repetition is the Key to Retention – Have you ever heard that saying? By repeating yourself, speaking slowly, and pausing at particular intervals, you are allowing the audience to better understand the point you are trying to make. By including an objective for your presentation, then providing an ending summary, you are repeating the information in order for the user to retain the information that you have presented. Be sure not to go overboard with repetition and bore your audience.
  4. Keep It Simple – Bigger isn’t always better. When designing your online presentation, only include things that are absolutely necessary. Â Keep your vocabulary simple enough for everyone to understand by using laymen’s terms. Avoid using acronyms or industry terms that some may not be familiar with. Don’t get carried away with intricate backgrounds, difficult to read fonts, and elaborate animations. The simpler the slide, the more direct your point will be.
  5. Remember Colour Theory – With online presentation software, it makes it easy to create dynamic and well designed presentations. You may want to use colours and graphics that relate to your subject or company. For example, blue is associated to trustworthiness while red is related to risk-taking. You will also want to be careful of using overly saturated colours.  Don’t use colours that will distract and overtake your information.
  6. Make it Relevant – You may want to create an eye-catching presentation to keep your audience interested, but making sure your content is relevant to the overall subject is important. If you are planning to include multimedia in your presentation, use it wisely. Avoid amateur video or images that may damage your credibility. Stay on topic and steer clear of bells and whistles.
  7. Keep it Light – Regardless of your subject, keep the dialogue light and, if possible, find humour in your topic. You will want to keep the audience interested, while keeping your findings professional. Be creative with your humour by relating it back to your findings.
  8. Take Action – After the user is finished watching your presentation, it is a good idea for them to take action of their own. This allows them to become involved in your topic. Perhaps it would be taking the next step to support a cause, visit your website, join a team, or learn more about a particular subject. By encouraging your audience to take further action, you are engaging them in your presentation, allowing your message to linger.
  9. Go Mobile – With everyone on the go, you never know where you’ll be or when you’ll need to make a presentation. Websites like Sliderocket enable you to create mobile presentations which are viewable on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If you make your presentation available to the public, anyone can watch your presentation for anywhere in the world, any time.
  10.  Track Your Results – Many online presentation websites, such as Sliderocket, offer analytics to track your presentation’s visitors, clicks, and average view time. By understanding what your audience is interested in, how they are interacting with your presentation, and how many times they have returned, you can better understand how people interact with your ideas and improve your future presentations. Learn to track your results and understand your findings. If you have previously used Powerpoint and you want to convert files to an online Powerpoint presentation, websites like Prezi allow you to import your Powerpoint slides and make the changes you need.
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