What Is an Explainer Video? Russ Explains

Russ Law​ ​ explains what is an explainer video in this explainer video made using PowToon. ​ See all of Russ’s videos here.



What’s an explainer video?
Basically it’s a video that explains complex ideas in a simple way.
So why are explainers is so important?
* because people don’t like to read (on websites)
* they stand out
* they create personal engagement.
What’s to know?
* they’re short​ (usually between 40- 90 seconds long)
* they tend to be fast pace
*they explain things in simple terms
Where are they used?
anywhere on the website but​ usually on the home page.
In short an explainer is… What you are watching right now.
* * * *
Russ Law​ designs animated explainer videos for his clients. ​


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