Panasonic Saves Nearly £80K on Agency Costs
with Powtoon Videos

A global leader in consumer and industry electronics, Panasonic uses Powtoon to create impactful marketing videos with high creative range, resulting in more quality content without the agency price tag.

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Panasonic is a leader in consumer and industry-specific electronics. With a global reach spanning 44 bases in 20 different countries, Panasonic has been creating consumer and industry goods that improve society and people’s lives across the world since its original inception by founder Kōnosuke Matsushita. Over a century has passed and Panasonic has not failed in its mission of delivering consumer and industries alike products that better their lives and society as a whole.

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Panasonic's UK marketing division was seeking a solution that would allow them to produce high-quality video content without the costly rates and prolonged project turnaround that are often associated with outsourcing to an agency. “I wanted to be able to create videos quicker and cheaper than using an agency,” said Daniel Creasey, UK Marketing Manager at Panasonic. In a social media-centered society where content is currency, Panasonic needed to streamline and simplify their content creation turnaround, stay ahead of the competition, and improve their overall brand awareness.


Cut agency video creation costs

Before Powtoon, Panasonic outsourced video creation to agencies. On average, one video would cost Panasonic £500, resulting in them only producing 5 videos each year. Nowadays, Panasonic creates over 151 videos, saving over £75.7k since 2017.

Streamline content creation

Powtoon’s extensive library of characters, branding elements, and video recording feature allows Panasonic to streamline and simplify its content creation system. They now create far more content, resulting in greater brand awareness and customer retention.

Increase social media engagement

By using Powtoon as their primary source for video content creation, Panasonic producesand shares over 151 videos throughout their social media such as Linkedin or Twitter to promote whitepapers, partner incentives, product teasers, and virtual event content.


Powtoon allows Panasonic to reimagine its video creation process, aligning with today’s content-driven online economy. Catering to a market that uses PCs in high-stress and tough situations, Panasonic now has the means to tactfully engage and deliver value to their niche B2B enterprise base. And engage, they have. From promoting whitepapers to creating product teasers and virtual event content, Panasonic leverages its social media and sets a new standard for their industry. “We went from creating 5 videos a year with an agency to about 5 videos a month, if not more,” said Daniel Creasey, UK Marketing Manager at Panasonic.

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