Powtoon Integrations

Looking to integrate and partner with Powtoon?


Powtoon integrates seamlessly with leading sites, apps,
and content providers across the social, Ad Tech, and content spectrum.

These integrations enable our customers to access vast media collections to obtain creative resources for their Powtoons and then to publish their Powtoons directly to a wide range of platforms. Platforms can also add Powtoon to their App stores to enable users to create a Powtoon from within their offerings.

By joining Powtoon’s ecosystem, you will get exposure to Powtoon’s 16M+ user community, become a destination for Powtoon’s distribution, delight your customers, and explore monetization opportunities.




YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing website, offering a wide variety of user-generated and corporate videos.

Upload your Powtoon to your YouTube channel to share with the world.

If you created a Powtoon Ad, use the YouTube link in your AdWords campaign.

Powtoon is YouTube Certified and is featured in YouTube's Creator Services Directory.



Facebook is the world's largest social network, connecting friends, family, and colleagues.

Create a Powtoon Squared video (perfectly optimized for Facebook) and then upload it to your timeline to share with all your friends.

Content Communities



Vimeo is a video sharing platform launched by a group of filmmakers and known for its "artsy" distinctiveness.

Upload your Powtoon to Vimeo and enjoy belonging to a professional network of artists.



SlideShare, a member of the LinkedIn family, is a platform for sharing presentations and other knowledge online.

Use SlideShare as a marketing tool to share information regarding your company or business.

Ad Tech



HubSpot is "all-in-one" marketing software, providing tools for blogging, SEO, social media, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics

Upload your Powtoon directly to HubSpot's File Manager and then leverage its power in your inbound assets: websites, landing pages, blogs, and social channels.

Powtoon is featured in HubSpot's Connect Directory and HubSpot's Apps for Agency Services Program.



Wistia is a marketing tool and provides professional video hosting services for businesses.

Upload your Powtoon directly to Wistia and get viewer analytics, easily embed codes, and deliver HD video.



Kaltura is an open-source video platform that enhances websites with customized video, photo, and audio functionalities.

Powtoon and Kaltura have partnered to enable users of both platforms to seamlessly access the Powtoon studio directly from within the Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) environment.

Media Collections



Flickr is a photo-sharing website, home to tens of billions of photos.

Search the Flickr image collections from within Powtoon. All images accessed via Powtoon are free for use and have been designated as license-free.



Storyblocks is a provider of stock video, images and audio footage in a wide variety of categories.

Powtoon provides you with direct access to the Storyblocks video collections, all royalty-free.



Google Chrome

The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where users can browse for Chrome-integrated websites, Chrome apps, extensions, and themes.

Add the Powtoon extension from the Chrome Web store and than to easily launch Powtoon from the Chrome App Launcher page.


G Suite Marketplace

The G Suite Marketplace is an online store of web apps that integrate with Google’s existing Apps (e.g. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar).

Powtoon can be integrated with Google Drive for optimized video organization and shareability. Easily create, manage, and share your Powtoons directly from your Google Drive.

Looking to integrate with Powtoon?

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