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A letter from ilya, PowToon’s Chief Renegade

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Hi ilya here, PowToon’s Chief Renegade

As a valued educator and member of the PowToon tribe, please help us with something that can have a hugely positive impact on students world wide....

When Edson Tellez, a teacher in rural Mexico heard about it, he made a decision that changed the lives of his students forever and deeply affected the way we think at PowToon.


Edson was struggling with his students because they had poor learning conditions and zero aspirations for the future.

As part of last year’s “Back to School give-away” he received free Powtoon accounts for his entire school.

Here’s what he wrote to me soon after:

I've been using PowToon to teach kids of 10, 11 and 12 years old - and they're always fascinated during the classes.

I have definitely seen an improvement in their learning process since then.

They’re usually not interested at all in school as they just want to join their parents working in the fields or making craftworks, but now they’re getting more creative, more receptive, and more dynamic in each class.


Edson’s Class actually made it to the city’s “local knowledge olympics”!!!


His letter completely astounded me.

I know that more than 2 Million people in Education love to use PowToon today, but this made me realize that PowToon was not just a technological tool. It’s actually a facilitator, directly positioned at the intersection between technology and creativity.

So we started researching the way creativity is fostered in our age of robotics and technology, and found a scientific study where Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in creativity and innovation says:

One of the myths of creativity is that very few people are really creative. The truth is that everyone has great capacities, but not everyone develops them.

Access to creativity-boosting tools is important to expressing your creative urges.

In a recent survey by Adobe, 40% of respondents said that they do not have the tools they need to be creative.

These tools are seen as the single most important key to expressing one’s creativity.

Sir Ken Robinson, PHD

We were floored! That’s when we made the decision:

If Powtoon can have such a strong impact on the creativity and engagement of a rural classroom in Mexico, and scientists consider access to tools like PowToon as one of the most important keys to fostering creativity, then PowToon should be in every single classroom on Earth.

This Is Why We’re Giving Away $10M Worth of EDU Accounts ...
For FREE This Year

To turn this vision into a reality, we’re giving away $10m worth of EDU accounts for free this year (we wish we could give away more).

The best way we can reach students and teachers to “Save Creativity” is with your help.

Help us give away as many PowToon accounts as you possibly can to Friends, Teachers, Educators and Students....

On August 15th, 2015 we officially launch “PowToon 4 EVERY SCHOOL.”

If you already have an account, please make sure to renew it, if you don’t have one yet, you will get one for free!

Please tell us the stories and challenges you've encountered inspiring creativity in your students in the comments below...

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Stay Awesome,

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