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Simplify Your Message

Streamline your communication with bite-sized content to effortlessly share your story, increase engagement, and drive action.

Show impact through Data Stories

Powtoon has graphics visually showcasing tangible results, fostering a deeper connection and inspiring continued support.

Drive Meaningful Support for your Nonprofit

Cultivate lasting impact with compelling visuals and powerful storytelling. Move hearts and minds, foster connections, and inspire unwavering support for your cause with Powtoon. Try it TODAY!

Tell Your Story

Stories,especially through video, is essential for creating emotional connections, building trust, inspiring action, and expanding the reach and impact of your organization.

Annual Report

A video annual report fosters a deeper connection with stakeholders, making the organization's achievements more vivid and memorable. This video demonstrates the impact and sustainability of the nonprofit while enhancing its ability to effectively communicate complex information in an engaging manner.


Leveraging video for nonprofit campaigns has many benefits, including emotional engagement, visual impact, storytelling power, wider reach, increased fundraising potential, effective program introductions, and a personal touch by sending a video to supporters expressing gratitude.

“Using Powtoon Enterprise has heightened my creativity. The feedback from my peers has been absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to discover more projects where I can include a Powtoon video!”

Jennisse Pichardo | Program Assistant
NYC Children Workforce Institute
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