PowToon QuickStart Guide

Free mini-course shows you the quickest way to make a PowToon that looks professional and awesome

How to Make a Powtoon from A to Z in Just a Few Minutes

This tutorial takes you through everything you need to know to make a professional looking Powtoon in just a few minutes. Explore templates, the storyboard, the editor, preview and publishing process, all in one handy video!


KickStart Your Awesomeness with an Overview of the PowToon Essentials

Learn all the basic actions you need to know when creating your Powtoon


Before you Start Making a Powtoon

Here's what you need to know right before you start making your Powtoon


Edit the Template - How to choose a Powtoon template

Access the template gallery and learn how to choose the template which fits your exact needs


Edit the Template - How to use Simple Mode

Learn everything you need to know about using Simple mode while customizing your Powtoon template


Edit the Template - Adding ready made Scenes and Layouts

Learn how to add and edit ready made scenes and layout in your Powtoon


How to customize a Powtoon template

Learn how to customize a ready made template to have your Powtoon ready in minutes!


Searching for an Object in Powtoon

Use the search function to find anything you're looking for. Here's how


Editing a Powtoon - Customize Mode


Starting your Powtoon from scratch