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If you’ve ever looked at your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides and thought they looked pretty good, but then someone showed up with something that made yours look like they were​ made by a 5 year old, then this is for you.​ In this video Carl Introduces his next series of videos on presentation design. There will be four videos to teach you the four basic design concepts of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity…​ also known as CRAP!

Learning about CRAP will help you avoid making presentations slides that look like, well…crap.


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CRAP Episodes:

Presentation foundation episodes:

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Carl Kwan was born in Hong Kong and is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. He moved to Seoul in 2004 to be with the woman of his dreams.

Carl has a passion for helping professionals and businesses succeed. He combines this with his presentations, video production, storytelling, marketing, communication skills and​ personal experience in Eastern/Western culture to provide unparalleled value to client projects.

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