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Russ Explains with Russ Law

Russ Explains

Every week​ Russ Law​ posts a new episode in his “Russ Explains” series giving tips on Video Marketing using PowToon.

Explainer #1: what is an explainer video​ Tweet this

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  1. Wonderful post. Very informative about how animated videos can be used as an explainer video. Thanks for posting.

    1. Just like most of your tutorials, I can’t watch this video because it is a YouTube based video. YouTube is not accessible in China where I am based. And yes, someone mentioned before, this an awesome shortcut to making short videos and I have tried making three videos as a test. I found it quite easy. The only reason I haven’t bought my package yet is the fact that I can’t make characters talk. Any plans to eventually add a Text To Speech function to the characters? That would be awesomeness!

  2. Great service. Love it! Is it possible to move objects around (like a car) to animate it moving across the screen? Or do you have to have quick <1 sec shots that have the car in different positions "faking" the movement. Thanks.

    1. Right now no. We designed PowToon to be more like a theater stage where characters enter, do their bit and then leave. This keeps your storytelling simple and works well for most explainers.

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