DEKRA Arbeit Group Doubles Video Engagement to
Double Hirees

DEKRA Arbeit Group, a recruiting company operating across 20 European countries, uses Powtoon to ramp up its video production efforts, resulting in 20x more recruitment videos – with double the engagement on social media.

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DEKRA Arbeit Group is a cutting edge staffing company based in Stuttgart, Germany. Their clients rely on them to quickly fill essential roles with the most talented recruits. In 2017, they launched their Digital HR Solutions department to explore emerging digital resources to improve their ability to recruit staffers, support their clients, and build their business.

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In a world of overcrowded message boards and infinite job listings that look identical, DEKRA Arbeit Group needed their listings to stand out. Because of the time and expense involved, video creation was out of scope for most projects. “Job portals provide limited visibility — after 30 days, it’s over. But posting a video on social media means it’s there and it stays there. If after two months someone likes or shares the post, it’s once again moving across newsfeeds for other people to see. Since using Powtoon, we’ve even seen new inquiries generated from videos six months after posting,” says Petar Divjanovic, Head of Digital HR Solutions at DEKRA Arbeit Group.


Cut agency video creation costs

Powtoon’s extensive library of intuitive, easy-to-edit templates makes creating unique videos for all their new job listings a fast process. With a few clicks, they can quickly update videos to align with their clients’ branding.

Distribution across channels

Using video on social channels, via email, and their company SharePoint allowed DEKRA Arbeit Group to keep their high level of engagement, from job posting to onboarding. Powtoon’s extensive sharing options allow for instant video amplification.

Client & project presentations

With Powtoon, DEKRA Arbeit Group's team switches to slideshow mode to present the results of their work and explain projects to prospects, clients, and new hirees. Using professional videos, they’re able to elevate project kickoffs and pitch meetings.


DEKRA Arbeit Group immediately increased the volume of videos they were creating by a factor of 20. Posting their clients’ open positions (as well as their own open positions) on social media with video doubled engagement in terms of likes, views, and shares. And using Powtoon to show the success of previous campaigns, DEKRA Arbeit Group was able to increase new clients of their services by 30%. “The most valuable thing about Powtoon is this huge volume of content, starting from images and video background, all up to different characters, icons, and animation. Everything is in one place, very user-friendly and intuitive,” says Petar Divjanovic, Head of Digital HR Solutions at DEKRA Arbeit Group.

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