DHBW Replaces 3 Content Creation Tools with Powtoon to Create Engaging Training Videos

DHBW, a German university, creates engaging training materials faster using Powtoon. Discover how they cut down worktime and build up engagement with videos made in a single platform from start to finish.


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Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is the first higher education institution in Germany to integrate academic studies with workplace training. Founded on March 1, 2009, DHBW traces its roots back to the Berufsakademie Baden-Wurttemberg. Today the university continues to carry on the highly successful tradition of cooperative education. With around 34,000 enrolled students, over 9,000 partner companies and more than 145,000 graduates, DHBW counts as one of the largest higher education institutions in the German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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The eLearning team at DHBW were using all sorts of different software to try and create engaging learning materials to train and upskill their teachers, faculty, and staff. With COVID sending everyone off-campus, the need to push out video content fast was more critical than ever. Unfortunately, it took way too long to create professional, creative, quality content using the combination of tools.


Professional Videos Made Faster

The flexibility of Powtoon’s platform allows DHBW’s team to easily create quality learning videos fast using templates to simplify the work. “Until now, we actually had two Canon cameras that we used to film and cut videos traditionally,” said Chrysanthi Melanou, Research Assistant at DHBW.

Producing High Volumes of Content

“Powtoon has helped us achieve a significant expansion in the production and publication of videos by enabling us to be creative and have fun. “The eLearning team celebrates DHBW’s school spirit with simple branding tools built into Powtoon’s platform that allow them to create efficiently, and with consistent quality. They love using color palattes, logo upload, and branded templates. But the best part? Powtoon allows the team to publish their content as open educational resources (OER).

Engagement Across the Board

Before using Powtoon, the team was using technical equipment and software to film and edit videos. Since they started replacing long, tiresome videos with Powtoons, Melanou says, “the content has become so much more enjoyable for the team to create and for the viewers to watch!”


The team at DHBW has successfully been able to create professional, on-brand video content that supports their training initiatives and cuts down their worktime into a fraction. They have swapped out a variety of tools with Powtoon’s all-in-1 platform to create a diverse set of video presentations, eLearning tutorials, promotional videos, conference reels, website videos, and more. The team was albe to measure the direct impact on engagement with a skyrocket increase of video views from 100 to 3,000 in Moodle, the organization’s LMS.

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