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A Spanish air navigation company, Enaire has over 4,000 employees to train. Discover how they use Powtoon to improve employee engagement and training outcomes while increasing video output and reducing costs.

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ENAIRE manages air navigation on behalf of Spain’s Ministry of Development, providing air traffic controllers with essential information from the runway, through takeoff, flight, and landing. Keeping their 4,000+ employees well trained and engaged is not only essential to their company’s success, but is literally a matter of life and death for the nearly 250 million air passengers who cross Spanish airspace every year.

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ENAIRE needed to improve every part of their learning experiences — from initial employee onboarding to technical training for each employee role. And no matter how they chose to address it, ENAIRE needed a solution that would align with their digital transformation strategy and enable quick turnaround of timely visual materials. Our team members are trainers, communication specialists, sociologists, and psychologists — not designers. Finding the right online tool to add creativity to their expertise was a part of our strategy to bring our training content to the next level. Now we use Powtoon to create original content, rather than just curating what already exists online,” said Irene Fernández Schwarz, Senior HR Specialist at ENAIRE.


Personal onboarding videos

ENAIRE uses Powtoon's library of characters, backgrounds, soundtracks, and stock footage to replace their onboarding with personalized intro videos for new employees. This transition improves feedback and success metrics for new hires across the organization.

Quick content turnaround

Before Powtoon, videos took too long to create. ENAIRE relied on existing training content like text-dominated presentations. Now they use Powtoon’s templates to quickly create engaging videos to promote and populate new courses and resources for their employees.

Virtual event promotion

In COVID-19, ENAIRE had to quickly shift to remote work without sacrificing their strong company culture. Already using Powtoon, they started creating videos to promote their virtual company events and share them
on channels their customers actually use.


Using Powtoon allowed ENAIRE to train over 4,000 employees, which meant a five-fold increase in videos created per month. Using personalized videos to introduce and support training and onboarding means that ENAIRE’s unique and welcoming company culture is adopted by every employee. And using Powtoon to promote their virtual company events during the COVID lockdowns has increased attendance by 435%.

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