Farm Bureau Transforms Dull Training Manuals into Engaging Videos

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, an Idaho-based insurance company, turns their antiquated training materials into engaging videos using Powtoon. Discover how they deliver quality content at scale through videos made in just a few clicks.


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Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company is an insurance company that offers a broad range of products and services, as well as local agents to help people choose insurance that best fits their needs. The organization is home to top-ranked agents and advisors who have been recognized for going above and beyond for their clients. Their dedication has earned them recognition by both the insurance industry and their peers, including being honored by Demotech with the "STAR" award for 3 consecutive years, as well as being named Forbes "Best-In-State" for homeowners insurance.

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The learning and development team at Farm Bureau were shifting their focus from training 150 independent sales agents to training 300 internal employees. That meant they needed to update their learning content, procedures, and more. The team was previously using long word documents, emails, and PowerPoint presentations that took them long to make and the employees even longer to read. The L&D team needed a tool to create fun learning content that their employees actually wanted to engage with, such as software tutorials, screen recordings, onboarding videos, internal communications, and more.


Unlimited Storytelling Possibilities

The flexibility of Powtoon’s platform allows Farm Bureau’s team to easily create diverse learning videos using a variety of design styles, characters, graphics, music, and more. “Powtoon offers so many more features where other platforms are limited. We have such a range of topics that we're trying to cover, so we love that Powtoon has so many options,” said Sawyer Acevedo, Organizational Development Manager.

Professional Videos Made Faster

Before using Powtoon, the L&D team was creating word documents and presentations that took them ages and produced mediocre results. Since they started replacing long, tiresome documents with Powtoons, they’ve been able to increase the volume of content they create. “Powtoon has definitely stepped up our learning content. The video templates are great for popping in information, customizing it fast, and it’s easy to export in a lot of different ways. We’ve seen the most improvement in the number of outputs, their quality, and how much more fun they are.”

Content That’s Scalable

“We had a lot of PowerPoints that we collected, reworked, and slowly started converting into videos,” explained Acevedo. The team successfully converted existing onboarding materials into engaging videos for new employees. Their onboarding library now includes a mix of videos and other content types, although, “the videos are definitely the most engaging piece. Instead of sitting down and listening to someone drone on with dull presentations or PDFs, we've got these videos that learners can watch. They really came in handy with our offsite employees.” The team put the videos into a course in their LMS so employees can access them at any time. ”They can learn at their own pace, on their own time. It frees up a lot of time for both our L&D team and employees.”


Using Powtoon allowed Farm Bureau to graduate from training by static documents to training by experiential eLearning videos. The team has successfully been able to create professional and captivating video content that supports their training initiatives and meets their learners’ needs. In addition, they have been able to assist executives and other department teams in creating learning content that bring their training visions to life. "Powtoon has helped us really improve our efficiency as a team in creating a higher number of outputs that are more engaging and fun to look at,”. They have created over 100 eLearning courses that would have otherwise been delivered via in-person training or documents. These courses include a diverse set of videos for internal communications, training, onboarding, reports and summaries, company updates, department spotlights, employee engagement, and more that are shared through their LMS and have reached over 600 employees and agents across the state.

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