Discover how the NHS uses Powtoon to transform text-heavy e-learning into engaging video courses.

The National Health Service (NHS), UK’s leading health care provider, uses Powtoon to create and embed content directing into their e-learning in their LMS for over 6,500 staff and thousands more from their global organization and public including the police, councils, and all health service employees.

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NHS Foundation Trust provides integrated services for mental health, learning disabilities, addictions, community brain injuries, and community health, including community hospitals. They serve a population of almost 700,000 people. Most of their services are provided in the community, in people’s homes, or in centers through health and social care teams and facilities based locally. They strive to respond to individual needs, respect dignity, and keep carers involved.

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Before Powtoon, the NHS learning team was creating PowerPoint presentations made for classroom learning. Their biggest challenge was the need to create more digital content for Moodle, their LMS and
e-learning system.  It became critical for the NHS to be able to embed custom bite-sized videos into mixed media e-learning content that also includes quizzes, cards, and queues in order to create a full course on a range of topics –– including best practices, moving & handling, governance & data protection, and educational content.


Scalable Training Content

“Powtoon is so easy to use and be able to create something quickly,” said Philip Redford, Technology Enhanced Learning Lead. The team leverages Powtoon templates, builds bespoke scenes with existing props, and embeds the final result into their courses with quizzes they make in Articulate before uploading it to their LMS for all employees to enjoy. Having everything built in Powtoon gives them the flexibility to update content and designs quickly and easily in order to keep training relevant and custom to their viewers.

Wide Range of Use Cases

The NHS started using Powtoon for training content. Since then, other teams have seen the enthusiastic response and positive impact and decided to leverage the power of video themselves. Powtoon has expanded to now be used by the NHS’s internal communications team to create hiring and job ads. They felt their recruitment text posts weren’t getting enough attention, so they swapped it out for a minute-long recruitment video to use on social media. Results showed that applicants understood the job requirements more from the video ad than the text posts, making the hiring process more relatable and successful.

5x More Monthly Content

Using video as their primary media gave the NHS team the ability to leverage their content in a more accessible way. “Success anywhere, anytime”. Philip shared a few great examples with us:

  • They substituted a 3-hour training on Appraisal formerly held twice a week with a video that has been watched by more than 1,000 people
  • They embed Powtoon videos into Zappar codes (like QR codes) to send videos on printed postcards which are sent to patients for a personal touch.


The NHS’s biggest success was a 5-minute video created as a replacement for ongoing in-person training. It was produced to explain special educational needs and was made for a wide range of professionals – including the police, councils, and health service professionals.

- The video contains live footage and animation to portray the educational content in a clear and engaging way.

- It has also saved the NHS hours of training time and given them a scalable training solution that doesn’t require constant travel around the country to train new staff and departments.

“It’s been a game changer for us and for the people actually viewing that content,” said Philip. “They’re expecting classroom training, video recordings, or text-based documents, but we’ve moved away from all that. Now it’s about how we can distribute information really quickly, and that’s where video comes in.”

The course has now been watched over 13,000 times and leveraged for over 3 years.

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