Savvas Replaces Classroom Training with Powtoon

Savvas, a learning and technology company, creates engaging training materials to replace in-person courses using Powtoon. Discover how they engage and inform through videos that reduce time, effort, and costs.


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Savvas Learning Company, formerly Pearson K12 Learning, is a next-generation learning company that combines new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of interacting to create innovative learning solutions. Its mission is to give 'digital natives' the learning experience that they have come to expect by creating K-12 curriculum and innovative learning solutions and textbooks. The company constantly experiments with new and flexible class management tools to improve learning programs, such as their learning management system, productivity tools, rostering tools, and embedded assessments that deliver rich data instantly to teachers. The company serves approximately 40M students in over 10K+ districts worldwide.

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With COVID-19 lockdowns and working from home regulations, the need for online training rose dramatically at Savvas. Before the pandemic, the company would fly their trainers out to schools across the country to train teachers on how to use their products. At the same time, teachers were pressed for time and needed bite-sized, attention-grabbing content to keep them engaged. The Savvas team needed a solution for asynchronous training that would help them create engaging, high-quality video content that was more time and cost-efficient.


Professional Videos Made Faster

The flexibility of Powtoon’s platform allows Savvas’s team to easily create quality learning videos fast using a variety of characters, graphics, music, brand assets, and more. “Powtoon is on the leading edge of video creation because of its ease of use. I can knock out a video by giving it to someone on my team. It’s so intuitive that anybody can just jump in and bust out the training,” said Jason McCormack, Director of Digital Learning Environments.

Upskilled Employees

McCormack explained, “Since last year, we've doubled the team, but we haven't hired any multimedia developers, only content developers. So they're not bringing multimedia to the table, they're bringing knowledge of the product that they're there to teach. But they're able to take their knowledge and drop it into Powtoon. Because Powtoon makes it easy.” Now, the team loves to create their own video content, which leaves their writers and content developers with as much imagination as possible.

Engagement Across the Board

Before using Powtoon, the L&D team was hosting in-person training courses for teachers. Since they started replacing tiresome lectures with Powtoon, the need for video has grown and has become an engagement tool for both teachers and students alike. “We’ve been able to take teachers on a journey with the people that are learning, which is kind of neat because traditionally you would just get a sit and get. So people can now better relate to their teacher.”


The team at Savvas has successfully been able to create professional, on-brand video content that supports their training initiatives and meets their learners’ needs. "I've had a trainer on staff for three months, and she's got four or five Powtoons that 5000 teachers are watching. You can't put a price on that, right? Because it's just so simple. That's really what it comes down to.” They have now been able to replace classroom training with a diverse set of videos for client onboarding, product walkthroughs, explainer videos, software updates, and more in conjunction with Rise, Articulate, and Captivate.

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