WRI Creates a Positive Learning Culture with Powtoon

The World Resource Institute, a nonprofit organization, creates high-quality, dynamic learning content faster using Powtoon. Discover how they train more than 2,500 employees on WRI processes through engaging videos that make a positive business impact.

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The World Resource Institute (WRI) is a global nonprofit organization that works with leaders in government, business, and civil society to research, design, and carry out practical solutions that simultaneously improve people’s lives and ensure nature can thrive. They focus on 7 urgent challenges: Food, Forests, Water, Ocean, Cities, Energy, and Climate. The company works with partners to mobilize commissions and major global initiatives. These delivery platforms allow WRI to create large-scale change with lasting impact.

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As organizations faced extreme levels of change in business environments, from COVID to technological advances, WRI had a need to continually upskill employees. And especially as a newly launched initiative, the learning and development programs at WRI were fairly underdeveloped, with key learnings coming from various content that the team had collected from a whole host of different areas. The WRI team needed to launch a holistic learning and development center of excellence from the ground up, including creating a curriculum, bespoke content, and both introducing and summarizing that content in a dynamic way. Before Powtoon, the WRI team was using PowerPoint, online tools, and even another video system. However, the platforms were not user-friendly, causing a struggle to create anything dynamic within a period of time that met the team’s requirements.


Professional Videos Made Faster

The flexibility of Powtoon’s platform almost immediately allowed WRI’s team to create, dynamic, responsive training content. “Because the platform is so user-friendly, the time between bringing someone on board and actually getting them up to speed on creating something that meets our requirements is fairly quick,” said Kylie Jameson, Director of Global Learning and Development. “This has really allowed us to expand what we’ve been able to deliver to the organization.”

Quality Investment of Time

“If we’re not willing to invest in creating quality content, it sends a bigger message about how we value employees’ time and how we value this initiative. Powtoon allows us to deliver quality content that honors people’s time investment. We’re now able to create quality training programs that employees engage with and walk away with having learned something rather than ticking a box.”

Positive Cultural Change

According to the WRI team, Powtoon videos have helped people see the culture that is possible in learning and development. “When we’re able to deliver something internally that has a professional packaging, it immediately gives us credibility and sends a message that the organization cares about them enough to ensure that they’re receiving quality employee development programs.”


The L&D team at WRI has been able to create content in alignment with the organization’s goals that allow them to develop train, and empower their people. “Powtoon has expanded our tools and capabilities to create content that our business requires and that our employees need in order to meet our challenges. I don’t think we would be successful as a learning and development function without a resource like Powtoon.”

The team has created a diverse set of over 300 training videos for people management, leadership training, compliance training, performance management, planning, monitoring, evaluation & learning, financial management, and more in conjunction with Articulate Rise and their LMS. “Across the board in pretty much any bespoke content that we’re creating, you’re likely to find a Powtoon there.”

Once other departments saw what they were able to create, requests for videos that “grab attention” continued to pour in and the need for video grew throughout the organization. “What’s been really important is that as the team has grown and those requests have grown, we’ve been able to build the team’s capacity along the way.”

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