Skyguide: "Powtoon is easy to use and it achieves amazing results."

Founded in 1922, Skyguide provides training and air navigation services for Switzerland and parts of neighboring countries, supporting over 1.2 million flights a year in Europe’s most complicated airspace.

As technology develops and training demands keep growing, Skyguide has moved to implement LMS-based learning strategies centered around digitizing legacy paper and classroom materials into short videos, saving instructors and students time, and changing the way they train with Powtoon.

Training Challenges

  • Masses of legacy paper & classroom-based content
  • Huge demand on trainer & student time
  • Implementing an LMS-based learning strategy
  • Training the trainers for a new way of teaching

The Solution

  • Establish LMS-based digital courses
  • Use Powtoon to create instructional videos to train the instructors on the new LMS
  • Digitize legacy content into short videos students can consume wherever and whenever they need
  • Create video lessons that cover the most frequently taught units, allowing a more efficient use of classroom time


with powtoon we can easily produce high-quality videos on our own. some of the lessons that were exclusively offered in classrooms are now available on our lms, studnets can watch them whenever and how ever many times they want

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