Take Civic Engagement
to the Next Level with Video

Easily create short, story-based videos that capture public attention, simplify complex information, control the narrative, and build trust in your community.

One Platform, Infinite Videos


Simplify Your Message

Long PDFs and text-heavy content make it difficult for the public to understand what’s going on. Deliver bite-sized videos that make news, guidelines, and policies easy to consume and act upon.

Drive Public Engagement

Connecting with constituencies can be challenging, especially in turbulent times. With a rich library of animated scenes, royalty-free stock footage, and fully customizable characters, your communication team can easily tailor videos to any audience.

Act Fast, Create at Scale

Fast moving events can happen at any moment, and your rapid response matters. In an age where information spreads virally, Powtoon equips your communications team with drag-and-drop tools to quickly deliver accurate video content across any channel.

Emergency Management

From extreme weather events to protest activity, respond with social media videos that citizens can easily consume and follow.

Health & Safety News

When public health is at risk, sharing bite-sized videos with animated characters helps to convey a more clear and actionable message.

Public Transportation

Transport-related news items are time-sensitive. Save time and act fast using on-brand video templates that you can easily update on-the-go.

“Using Powtoon Enterprise has heightened my creativity. The feedback from my peers has been absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to discover more projects where I can include a Powtoon video!”

Jennisse Pichardo | Program Assistant
NYC Children Workforce Institute

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