13 Training Video Templates That Are the Best of the Best

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Why consider training video templates? Well, no matter who you are, creating videos for training is no easy task. What message is right, for which audience, when? How do I include my organization’s branding? Do I really need to hire someone for this?

Fear not! You don’t need to hire a team of filmmakers just to enhance your training with video. That’s where Powtoon’s training video templates come in! Whether you’re training for change management, diversity in the workplace, digital transformation, or you’re just trying to support your overall employee development one or more of these 13 corporate training video templates will help make you stand out and will ensure your team is trained like the best of the best.

Each of these templates can be customized and made completely unique. The best part? There’s no need for advanced video editing knowledge. With the help of Powtoon’s video templates, you can create an animated training video in just 5-10 minutes.

Ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Training Invite Video Template

“You’re Invited!” Probably the two most under-appreciated words in the corporate training world. If you want to increase your team’s skills, grow their competencies, and achieve your learning outcomes like a boss… then you have to start by inviting them!

Important points: An invitation is more than just a time and a date. Take the time to talk about what value your employees will gain from your training. How will their day go smoother, or faster, or with better outcomes because of training.

The Best Training Invitations Promise Solutions to Big Challenges

Here’s one example of how to make your video training invitation irresistible. Notice that the three things the training will cover relate directly to the employees’ biggest challenges.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to offer beer and refreshments at the end…

An Invitation to Training or an Invitation to Success?

Sometimes you need to design a training that’s all about the most frequently asked questions from your team. This is the training video template for you. Especially if you’re dealing with the same issues frequently, this invitation to training video template will help you assemble the team to overcome any common mistake.

Step 2: Introducing Your Training With Video

When your team supports classroom-style training, it can be easy to forget all about video. After all, you’re just trying to get your training completed. Who has time to create a video of the whole thing?!

That’s where these super optimized, intro to training video templates come in handy. If you want your most important points to make an impact with your learners, AND you want to capture attention right from the get-go, then try framing your training session with short introductory videos like these…

Intro to Training with the Right Look

Does your company branding have a clean, corporate look? Get your team right into your brand vibe while introducing the topic of your training session by using this awesome intro to training video template from the ‘real’ look.

Training Introductions that Preview Rewards

Don’t forget to front-load the incentives! When you’re setting the stage for your training, remember to highlight the things your team can look forward to. Especially if your training comes with some new notebooks, water bottles, or ID access cards, or the keys to a brand new software platform, remind your class that their patience and attention will be rewarded!

Step 3: Turning Your Training Session Into Video

Depending on the size of your organization, it might be literally impossible to have the entire team in one room at one time. In our globally connected, always mobile world, you need to provide training content in any place, at any time. Video is the right medium for that.

Let’s take a look at four different training topics you can distill into a short video that will have your team jumping out of their seats for otherwise dull topics.

IT Training Video Template

Ask any IT professional, the biggest threats to your information infrastructure come directly from user error! What does that mean? It means you better train your team on your tools and best practices. Your IT security (and your company’s success) could depend on it!

Product Support Training Video Template

What about training the people who support your customers? If you have a team dedicated to product support, be sure they know exactly how to handle a call in the right way. And because it’s video, you can be sure your team is watching and implementing your preferred company support policies…

Focus on What’s New: Product Training Video

Got an old product that’s grown new capabilities? It’s easy for your team to sleep through major product updates. Creating a training video that highlights exactly which features are new, and how best to use them in your day-to-day will help your digital transformation emerge flawlessly.

Timeline Training Video Template

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to understand what came before. If you are training new employees about your company history and culture, or training around cultural diversity in the workplace, and you need to show how we arrived where we are today – then you need a training video that features a timeline!

Step 4: Make a Deeper Impact With Follow-Up Microlearning Videos

Microlearning, or “short, bite-sized learning nuggets,” as they define it at eLearning Industry, is more than just insanely truncated lessons. These are short, targeted video lessons that have clear learning outcomes. And one of the most powerful places to insert microlearning into your training resources is AFTER your learners have finished their training.

Creating short follow-up training videos that reinforce the major takeaways from your training session not only keeps your learners engaged, but increases their accuracy and retention of information.

Change Management Training to Handle New Tools & Platforms

Change is hard — especially when it impacts how we work. Adding a learning curve to everyone’s busy day is the last thing anyone has time for. Learners can leave a training session in a fog.

Clear the fog! Break out the changes coming your team’s way by individual tools in microlearning training follow-up videos like this one. Get ready to shorten everyone’s learning curve so you can get back to making the magic happen.

Reinforce Learning by Stressing the Benefits

Even if every employee learns every relevant click, setting, tool, or platform, it still doesn’t mean they know WHY they should follow your training. Following up on your training sessions with microlearning videos that reinforce the benefits of using these new skills will help ensure your employees take the lead in implementing digital transformation.

Follow Up Your Training with a Best Practices Video

Ok, so let’s say you just welcomed an incoming class of new hires. You’ve worked hard to train them on all the relevant systems and processes to do their job successfully. Want to be sure your team avoids the simplest mistakes and implements the right practices? The answer, of course, is video!

The Microlearning Tips Video Template That’s Good For All Topics

Once again, having a focused follow-up video for your learners, with precise tips or takeaways can only increase your L&D success. Regardless of the exact topic you cover, by defining the most important takeaways in terms of how they address challenges in your business, you give your team a scaffolding for their training — call it a reason to implement. Use this video and watch your most important tips spread through your office like the best kind of virus.

Go Step-By-Step With a “How-To” Training Video Template

Sometimes, the very best thing to do is start at the beginning, and go step-by-step. A classic “how-to” training video template can be repurposed for almost any topic, and will take your employees through a simple process from beginning to end — ultimately helping them master the skills that are essential to your company culture and business outcomes.

Which Training Video Template Is Right for YOU?

Let me know in the comments below if you used and love any of these templates — and what your results were!

Of course, if you haven’t signed up for Powtoon yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Sign up and start customizing training video templates that are simply the best of the best!

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