15 video ad templates that get you more sales

15 Irresistible Video Ad Templates that Get You More Sales

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The best video ad templates do three important things: First, they grab attention. Whether it’s through bold, juicy colors, cute kittens, or beautiful faces, a video ad that stands out from the newsfeed is essential.

Second: Effective video ads evoke emotion! When we see another person smile, we are likely to smile too. Seeing a heart-warming moment calls up all our memories of our own emotional milestones. Leveraging emotion effectively is a key factor in being able to connect with potential customers (read: drive more sales!)

Third: Any video ad worth its salt will have a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end. If you’ve done your job right, you’ve captured the attention and marshaled your viewer’s emotions. The WORST thing you can do is just abandon your viewers. Tell them how to take the next action, and see your conversion rates soar.

In fact, if you have these three elements, you can craft a video ad for almost any business in just a few seconds.

Before we highlight some of our favorite video templates we’re answering a few important questions about video marketing

What is Video Advertising?

A video advertisement is a powerful tool for promoting a product or service to a large audience. Advertisers can use a variety of advertisement templates to create visually appealing and engaging advertisements that capture viewers’ attention. An advertisement video can be designed to play before, during, or after streaming content, providing an opportunity for advertisers to reach viewers at the right moment. To maximize the effectiveness of video ads, it’s important to create click-worthy content that encourages viewers to click through to the advertiser’s website or landing page. With the right combination of advertisement templates, advertisement videos, and click-worthy messaging, video ads can be an effective way to drive traffic and sales for businesses of all sizes.

How Effective are Video Ads?

According to wyzowl.com, 88% of people would like to see more videos from brands in 2022, making video marketing an essential strategy for businesses to engage with their target audience. Incorporating videos into your social media marketing, such as Facebook ads or Instagram ads, can not only increase engagement but also provide a more engaging and memorable way to communicate your brand’s message and products. By tapping into the power of video, businesses can better connect with their audience and stand out in the competitive world of social media marketing.

Why You Should Include Video Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy?

A 2022 survey from wyzowl.com reveals that 82% of marketers say video has helped them increase dwell time.

Graphics, layout, and logo design play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and memorable video ads. That’s why we’ve gathered the 15 most irresistible video ad templates that work for any industry vertical. These templates offer inspiration and guidance for creating visually stunning and effective video ads that will engage your audience and drive conversions. Get ready to unleash the power of video advertising with these tried-and-true templates. Let’s get started!

A Video Ad Template That Gives Financial Confidence

If you’re a corporate business offering financial services, you know that it’s not just about crunching numbers. It’s about providing valuable advice and guidance that helps your clients achieve their financial goals and ultimately attain the confidence and peace of mind they’re seeking. This is precisely the feeling that your advertisement should evoke – one of trust, expertise, and reliability. With the right messaging and creative execution, your advertisement can capture the attention of your target audience and set your corporate business apart from competitors. So don’t hesitate – to use this ad to showcase your brand and establish yourself as a leading provider of financial services.


Be Like the ‘Be Like Dan’ Video Ad

A happy face, dancing on a beach in his business suit. Here’s someone who went from a boring gray cubicle to an island paradise. If your target audience is looking for ways to go from gray to great, harnessing that desire and tying it to your brand is exactly how to be. With the right design elements, you can create an advertisement that not only captures the attention of your audience but also effectively communicates your brand’s value proposition. 


Using Negative Emotions for Good — Advertising Gym Memberships With Video

Not all emotions are positive. Sometimes, the frustration of failing to achieve a desired goal is exactly the motivation we need to take positive action. This gym membership video ad template uses the negative emotion of frustration, like trying to swim in sand, and harnesses it for good self-improvement.


Real Estate Video Templates That Don’t Even Show a House?

Just like a financial advisor is there to help make your financial dreams come true, so too is your real estate agent there to fulfill your homesteading dreams. And what dream is more powerful than every hope you have for your child’s future? The promise of a home that has the space you need to allow your kids to grow up is the true outcome of finding that dream home. And that’s the currency of this real estate video ad template.


A Financial Services Video Ad Template That Doesn’t Talk About Money?

Sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd by characterizing your expertise. That’s exactly what this video ad does. It draws an analogy to a DJ who carefully rides the rhythms to curate an expert experience for his listeners. Of course, we’re not actually talking about a DJ here, we’re talking about a financial advisor. But almost ANY field involves good timing and expert execution. To be a master DJ in the financial world is to be a superstar, a leader, and a virtuoso. Who WOULDN’T want that financial advice?!


Cute Cubs Capture Customers’ Attention Using Animal Videos

We’ve all done it. You’re absent-mindedly scrolling through a newsfeed, and there it is. A goat at a petting zoo, eating a little kid’s hat; or a kitten and a puppy conspiring to devour a cake left out on the counter… almost no one can resist videos of cute animals. The same principle holds true for video ads. Cute animals = increased sales!


To Be the Hippest Hipster, You Need a Hip-Looking Video Ad

Everybody’s doin’ it for the ‘gram. If you’re running ads to promote a fashion brand, clothing retailer, or lifestyle brand, then your customers come to you to look as awesome as they already are on the inside. Remind your customers that it isn’t just about who likes and shares – it’s also about their look!


Keep It Simple, Sister! Engaging Video Templates Don’t Need to Be Complicated

Sometimes, all you need is a beautiful face and a sharp message to grab attention, harness emotion, and inspire your audience to take action. In this case, our minds will do all the heavy lifting, as human beings are automatically drawn in by expressive faces. This approach is so simple, it works for nearly any industry.


Funny Video Ads Capture Attention & Make Your Brand Approachable

Just like everyone loves a cute animal bounding across the stage, people also love to laugh. From a knowing smirk to a wide-open guffaw, humor is an essential component of human communication. It’s not right for every situation, but if you have a chance to humanize your brand with a wink and a nudge, go for it.


Here’s How That Video Advertisement Works for Clothing Instead of Real Estate

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how flexible these video ad templates are. In fact, you can use the exact same video to deliver different messages. The power is all yours to customize your text exactly how you like it. Here we see those familiar penguins, but instead of pointing out that they need a place to roost, now we’re hitting on the embarrassment of showing up to a party in the EXACT same outfit as someone else! Thinking about the multiple meanings contained in your background video makes these ad templates as flexible as Cirque du Soleil!


Oh, and by the way, it works with zebras too!


Worst-Case Video Ad To Help Customers Trust Your Expertise

Video ads help us push ideas to their extreme. Sure, not every car owner is always careful with their vehicle. Even if we aren’t driving in a demolition derby, we still might be sheepish about careless mistakes that ended in expensive bodywork. Remind your customers that they aren’t alone, and they aren’t that bad.


Going Literal — Templates for Cosmetics

Of course, not every video advertisement is a metaphor. Sometimes, you just want to show exactly what you’re talking about. Perhaps you are selling cosmetics. How about a beautiful woman, wearing stunning makeup striking a happy pose? Not everything in our postmodern world needs to be self-aware and immutably ironic. Sometimes, being direct is the best way to go.


Flatter Your Audience With This Food Delivery Video Ad Template

Is there anything more majestic than an eagle? No. Is there anyone more majestic than your customers? No! And should an eagle (or your awesome, amazing customers) spend his or her time scrounging around for food? NO NO NO! Let your business do the hunting. Cute animals, majestic emotions, and a clear benefit make for compelling video ads (quit hunting, and let us handle it!)


Familiar Moments Show How Your Brand Fits Your Customers’ Lives

Ok, you’re moving into a new apartment. You’ve dealt with late truck drivers and argued with the movers, and picked up literally every single thing you own. The LAST thing you want to do is cook dinner. Heck, where did you even pack the dishes?! That little scenario is one we can all relate to, and it’s one that exactly demonstrates how a food delivery service fits into their customers’ lives. Sometimes the best video ad templates allow you to paint a picture for your potential customers of how perfectly you fit into their everyday life.


Which Video Advertising Template Is Right for YOU?

The best video ad maker will allow you to create a marketing video that features your products and services in a way that delights your ideal customers. If your content creation strategy doesn’t include video advertising campaigns it’s likely because you haven’t found the right video ad software yet!

Of course, if you haven’t signed up for Powtoon yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Sign up and start customizing video ad templates using our online video maker platform that are utterly irresistible!

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