The Best And Newest B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2023 

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The year 2023 has ushered in a new era of business-to-business interactions, which inspired many businesses to embrace new B2B lead-generation strategies.

Flooded with notifications, ads, and instant information, potential customers are spoiled for choice, making efficient lead generation harder than ever. As agile companies adapt to their customer’s evolving needs and preferences, traditional lead-generation methods are being reimagined.

Let’s explore some of the best and newest B2B lead generation strategies of 2023. 

Maximize Your Content Marketing 

According to DemandGen, 44% of potential buyers prefer to consume three to five pieces of content before they even consider engaging with a company. As Information has become incredibly accessible, consumers can research products and services on their own terms. Now more than ever, it is important that businesses invest in a content marketing strategy that builds credibility, gains trust, and effectively engages with potential customers throughout their research journey, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion and fostering a long-term relationship. 

Invest in a Multi-Channel Approach

Reaching modern customers effectively involves meeting them in their preferred digital channels, which means virtually everywhere. Businesses need to adapt and have a strong presence across various digital platforms, including social media, search engines, mobile apps, email, websites, and other online channels. 

It is important to remember that each digital channel’s effectiveness will vary depending on the target audience, industry, and business model. A data-driven approach is crucial for identifying the most impactful channels for reaching and engaging your specific customer base.

Social Selling

Businesses that are leaders in the social selling space create  45% more sales opportunities than brands with a low social selling index. Integrating social selling into your multi-channel approach can effectively engage potential customers across various touchpoints, deliver consistent messaging, and create a holistic and customer-centric sales experience.

Nurturing Strategies for Various Stages in the Buyer’s Journey

B2B organizations are increasingly focused on creating nurturing campaigns that not only embrace multiple channels but also cover the entire buyer’s journey, from the initial touchpoint to lost opportunities. Sales emails, sales calls, and videos have shown the highest response rate, with email newsletters and customer-generated content, like reviews and case studies, closely following behind.

Depending on your campaign’s goals and target audience, you want to create a tailored approach to ensure a personalized experience that resonates with your prospects.

Here are 3 things to remember when planning your strategy. 

Contact Management: Ensure a well-organized system for storing contact information that helps you keep data on subscribers up-to-date. 

Segmentation: Use your data and segment your audience to create tailored marketing content. Customers have different preferences, and creating a relevant, personalized experience will foster a higher engagement and connection to the brand. 

Your Buyers Journey Stage: Recognize that your buyers are at different stages of your sales funnel and adapt your strategy and content accordingly. 

Adapting your strategy, sales tactics, and content creation to the unique characteristics of your target audience will help you engage more leads, build trust, and ultimately close sales. 

Invest in the Customer

Modern customers want their experience to be seamless, personalized, and accessible across various digital channels and are quick to move on if otherwise. 

2023 calls for higher investment in the customer-first approach, as businesses realize that prioritizing customer needs and preferences is the key to building lasting relationships, fostering brand loyalty, and achieving sustainable growth in a highly competitive market. 

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and spend more time on their devices. They expect businesses to be digitally competent, offering a user-friendly and interactive experience that caters to their unique preferences and needs.

Let’s have a look at what the modern customer wants: 

Seamless Experiences: The modern customer expects a seamless experience across all touchpoints, whether scrolling through a website, using a mobile app, or engaging with customer support. They desire a smooth transition between devices and channels, with information and preferences seamlessly synced and available.

Personalization: With abundant data available, customers anticipate personalized interactions that resonate with their interests and behaviors. They expect businesses to understand their preferences and offer tailored content and recommendations that cater to their needs.

Convenience: 74% of buyers value the ability to purchase from any channel as a critical aspect of their buying experience. Modern customers want to save time and effort. They want to be able to find information, make purchases, and access services quickly and easily. Products Mobile optimization, intuitive navigation, and streamlined processes are crucial for providing a convenient experience that aligns with their busy lifestyles.

Social Presence: Social media has become a fundamental part of how customers find brands, communicate, access information, and connect. The modern customer expects brands to be strongly active on social media and engage with them on various platforms to establish a more authentic and personal connection.

Fast and Responsive: Tech-savvy customers have little patience for slow loading times, unresponsive websites, or delayed customer service. They expect businesses to provide fast and responsive experiences, whether in terms of website performance, buying experiences, or customer support. 

Security: Customers seek secure and trustworthy buying experiences as online transactions increase. Companies must prioritize robust security measures, secure payment gateways, and transparent data practices to earn customers’ trust and protect sensitive information.

Investing in the customer-first approach will not only create a better customer experience but will also set you apart from competitors. 

Elevate Your B2B Lead Generation with Powtoon

According to DemandGen, Video has proven to be one of the most effective B2B lead nurturing activities, along with sales emails, email newsletters, and customer-generated content. 

With Powtoon, you can easily leverage the power of video and revolutionize your B2B lead generation strategy. Seamlessly create studio-quality videos that captivate prospects, enrich emails with visual storytelling, and infuse customer interactions with dynamic video content.  

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