how using video can fix all kinds of awkward hr conversations

How Video Easily Fixes All Types of Awkward HR Conversations

Handling awkward conversations is basically every HR professional‘s superpower. But at times, even the most courageous of us would rather sweep it all under the rug. What if I told you that some of those really hard conversations don’t necessarily…

use video to align any workplace

How to Use Video to Align Any Workplace

Successful workforce alignment has never been easy, but the recent rise of hybrid work and virtual meetings has turned employee alignment into a nightmare. Even though hour-long meetings have become the default, they don’t have to be your only option….

10 design tips proven to make your videos more engaging

10 Design Tips Proven to Boost Your Video Engagement

Design tips are ridiculously accessible these days. But let’s be honest… sometimes the vast array of advice out there can become quite overwhelming — especially to someone who is just starting out his quest in video creation.  But the truth…

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