Key Predictions for Sales Outreach and Empowering Your Sales Team in 2023 

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The sales landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years, encouraging sales teams to embrace a new approach to selling. This blog will explore six critical predictions for sales outreach and empowering sales teams in 2023.

Accurate Forecasting vs. Accountability

Gone are the days of assuming all deals will open and close within a quarter. To thrive in 2023, sales teams must prioritize accurate forecasting and embody accountability. Rather than fixating on arbitrary timelines, the focus should be identifying meaningful milestones and promptly delivering value to potential customers. From addressing their buyers’ pain points to showing them value, reps should establish detailed success plans with buyers. That way, reps can ensure a clear roadmap of the next steps and share responsibility for achieving mutual goals. This approach fosters transparency, trust, and deeper collaboration between sales professionals and clients.

Video Dominates Text 

In 2023, online videos are predicted to make up 82.5% of all web traffic, becoming the most popular content on the internet. People spend so much of their time watching videos that reading long text seems almost archaic in comparison. According to Vidyard, 71% of sales reps admitted that video emails outperform regular ones. The rapid surge in online video consumption has changed how information is delivered and consumed and how businesses interact with customers. Sales reps who take advantage of video are expected to see at least 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates.

Focus On Quality Leads 

Instead of reaching as many prospects as possible, sales teams should focus on driving leads with a higher chance of converting. With tighter marketing budgets, fewer prospects will be available, so prioritizing quality over quantity is crucial. It’s essential that leaders identify and filter out which leads have a higher likelihood of converting over the ones that will not.  

The Continued Emphasis on Customer Personalization

Personalization in sales reflects professionalism, shows an understanding of your customer’s needs, and a sincere dedication to addressing those needs. Sales reps must be skilled in analyzing data, conducting thorough research, and recognizing potential buyers’ needs and pain points. That way, they can tailor their approach and offerings to each customer, resulting in a higher likelihood of success. This personalized experience strengthens customer relationships, demonstrates a genuine commitment to their success, and sets the stage for long-term partnerships.

Social Selling Takes Center Stage

75% of B2B buyers utilize social media when making their purchasing decisions and 

78% of businesses that use social selling outperform those that don’t. So, it is no surprise that social media integration into sales strategies will grow even stronger in 2023. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to build relationships and generate leads must become an integral part of the sales playbook. Social media enables sales reps to connect with potential clients, share relevant content, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. 

Sell the Value, Not Just The Solution

Solution selling focuses on the features and benefits of the product and how they solve a particular problem. In times when market budgets are short, it’s simply not enough to identify pain points and offer solutions. Nowadays, sales reps must go beyond solution-based selling and concentrate on showing customers the product’s value. Consumers who are hesitant to purchase a product want to know that its benefits are worth more than its price.

Sales reps need to help the buyer envision how the product will change their life so they can justify the price they will pay.  

Elevate Your Sales Outreach with Powtoon

Staying ahead in sales requires innovative strategies that align with shifting trends. Video has emerged as a pivotal tool to elevate your sales game, and Powtoon offers the perfect platform to leverage its potential. From personalized engagement to social selling, Powtoon empowers your team to captivate audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Craft videos to emphasize your product’s value, include them in your roadmap, and highlight your accountability by connecting with customers on a deeper level. Powtoon equips your sales team to drive engagement, generate leads, and secure conversions with an impactful, video-driven approach. Sign up to Powtoon today and elevate your sales outreach in 2023.

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Hannah is a marketing intern at Powtoon. To her, nothing is more exciting than trying out new things. She has a passion for cooking, painting, great books, and sports. Making new friends and claiming new skills is her specialty. She is a big believer that everything happens for a reason and hopes to make people smile wherever she goes.
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