5 Tips for Creating Product Videos That Result in Sales

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A strong product does not guarantee sales. To attract clients, you need to create compelling product videos that showcase why they should be interested in your particular product. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is through video marketing. YouTube, is an excellent place to start your video marketing campaign, and animations can help you create visually appealing and engaging promotional product videos that stand out from the competition. With the right combination of creativity, storytelling, and marketing know-how, you can use video marketing to attract more clients and grow your business.

To a greater degree than any other form of content, video marketing can show off how your product offers value to customers and build your brand loyalty. Creating product videos does not have to be complex. It could be as simple as an animated explainer video that showcases how your product works and what problem it solves. Regardless of whether you choose animation or real live-action videos, there are fundamental characteristics that all successful marketing videos share. So, in order to create truly effective video content and boost the odds of your video-yielding sales, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Combine Showing and Telling

Almost any marketing strategy includes product videos. It’s a great tool to build your brand awareness and boost loyalty. Bite-sized video content, such as product videos is a powerful tool, that lets you showcase how a product works and what it can do. They are much more engaging than long text-filled emails and have been shown to improve email click-through and open ratios.

However, you can’t just assume that everyone who sees your marketing video will fully appreciate or understand what it is you’re showing them if you don’t also include text or voiceover. Videos should make a point of both showing and telling customers what your product does and why they need it in their lives when producing a video. Adding text to your marketing videos will optimize your chances of connecting with as many viewers as possible. 

When you are uploading videos to Youtube or other social media channels you have to be aware that most of your viewers will probably be mobile users. Video marketing can be a very effective way to reach mobile users, and text and voice overlays can be useful tools to enhance the effectiveness of your videos. Sometimes mobile users watch videos with the sound turned off or with headphones on, especially in public places. By incorporating text overlay in your marketing videos, you can ensure that your message is still conveyed effectively.

2. Include a Tutorial

This is a tip that’s particularly worth keeping in mind if your product is one that customers may not immediately know how to use without proper instruction. Including a tutorial or a demo in your video is a simple way to guard against potential customers worrying that they won’t know how to use your product as intended. It also gives you an opportunity to once again show why your product is useful in a more in-depth manner than you otherwise could if you merely included a basic brief demonstration without walking viewers through the steps that using your product may involve.

When creating a tutorial or demo video, it’s important to consider the editing software and production techniques you’ll use to effectively convey your message. Investing in a reliable video editing app or software can help make your videos more engaging for your audience.

3. Illustrate the Problem

Illustrating the way your product works is an important element of a strong product video. However, most products are valuable because they solve some kind of a problem for a customer.

While it’s essential to demonstrate how your product works, it’s equally important to remember that most products solve a problem for the customer. Therefore, to maximize conversions, your brand video should also illustrate the problem your product solves. However, this doesn’t mean resorting to stereotypical TV infomercials with exaggerated situations. Instead, your marketing video should communicate your product’s value by addressing both the problem and the solution in a clear and engaging manner.

It’s important to approach your product video not only as a demonstration of your product but also as an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s image and identity. By incorporating brand elements, such as logos, colors, and messaging, into your product video, you can create a cohesive and consistent brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Additionally, by demonstrating how your product solves a problem and meets the needs of your customers, your product video can further reinforce your brand’s reputation and value proposition. 

4. Create Multiple Product Videos for Multiple Audiences. 

Another great way to create a successful video marketing strategy is by creating product marketing videos for multiple audiences. You likely already know that any form of marketing content tends to be more effective when you identify your target audience or market first before developing and releasing your content. Just keep in mind that there may be instances when a product can appeal to multiple audiences.

Consider the example of a cookware product. This type of product can appeal to both professional chefs and home chefs. The type of video that resonates with one of those audiences might not have the same impact on the other.

When defining your target audience, consider whether you may be actually selling to more than one audience. If it appears this is the case, you might want to create more than one product video. Keep in mind, surveys indicate that today’s consumers are increasingly demanding that marketing content be personalized and tailored to their unique qualities. You have a better chance of making the right impression on viewers if you create unique videos for each audience you’re selling to.

5. Focus on Positive Feelings, Not Fear

A common mistake inventors and startups often make when marketing new products involve trying to scare people into buying their products. They might include phrases in their product videos like “Buy now or miss out on an amazing opportunity!”, or they may focus too greatly on how a potential customer will simply be worse off in some way if they don’t buy what’s being sold to them.

This tactic might have worked in the past. However, according to research, consumers learn to identify cheap sales tactics when they become too widespread. There’s strong evidence to suggest that today’s consumers don’t want to be told that not buying a product is a grave error with potentially serious repercussions.

Instead of focusing on the negative, always highlight the positive. Emphasize in your video ad what your product can do for customers instead of emphasizing how they may pay the price if they decide not to buy your product. An easy way to gain the trust of potential clients or customers is by including customer testimonials. 

Remember that you can always experiment with multiple videos to determine which delivers the strongest results. This may sound prohibitively expensive, but that’s no longer the case. Creating strong product videos without spending much time or money on them is easier than ever. Take advantage of this development by creating several product videos and testing them out. Eventually, you’ll find out which ones are most likely to result in sales.

Create Product Videos Affordably and Easily

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Hanna is Powtoon's Content Marketing Strategist. She joined Powtoon as a copywriter in 2019, after graduating from university with a specialized degree in marketing and business. She continues to inspire people to create incredible video content with blog posts, videos, guides, and more. Hanna's passions include reading, singing, and caring for animals (#proudvegan). Nothing makes her happier than waking up to her two black kitties who, contrary to popular belief, are good luck!
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