3 Psychological Techniques To Get People Addicted To Your Videos

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Gideon Shalwick is YouTube’s #1 most subscribed online video marketing channel. He is also he founder of www.splasheo.com and co-founder of www.veeroll.com, two startups in the video marketing space. He freely shares his knowledge about successful video marketing at www.GideonShalwick.com.

Transcript of Video:

Wanna know the secret for getting people addicted to your video content? Keep watching to discover my top three tips to achieve this… oh, and also a weird ‘left-over glitch’ in our brains from pre-historic times, that could help you hypnotize your audience! Hi there and welcome! My name is Gideon Shalwick, and this is a guest video post for Powtoon.com, a fantastic website for helping you create STUNNING animated video clips and, presentations for your business!

Now, if you’ve ever struggled to keep people’s attention during your videos, you’re going to LOVE what I’m about to share with you today. But first, if you don’t know me already, and might be wondering why you should keep watching, here are a couple of reasons… Over the last eight years, I’ve helped more than 40,000 people in one hundred and eighty-two countries around the world use YouTube to successfully market their businesses. Some of the channels I’ve been directly involved in has had MILLIONS and MILLIONS of views, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers all over the world.

And for my own businesses alone, I’ve built my email database to well over 150,000 people, and video has certainly been the KEY driving factor for all that. But enough about me… I know you’re watching this right now to learn more about how you can engage your viewers better, and get them to watch your videos… and maybe even get them a little addicted to your content! So let’s dig into it…To make your content addictive, and get people craving more of your video content, do these three things…

Number one: Always use the Z-Factor!

The Z is short for ‘Zeigarnik’… which is the surname of a very smart Russian psychologist who discovered that her students would learn? better whenever she introduced suspense into her lessons. It later became known as the Zeingarnik Effect, but I just like calling it the Z-Factor, because it’s nice and short and easier to remember. So, how do you use this in your videos?

Well, in simple terms, it all comes down to creating intrigue and open loops right throughout your videos… but very importantly, RIGHT at the START of your videos. For example, did you see what I did at the very start of this video? I created a bit of intrigue and opened up a loop that you could only close by watching the rest of my video. But that’s not enough to get your audience addicted to your video… you need to do two more things.

See what I just did right there? I just opened up another loop! Do you get it now? Ok, number two:

Number Two: Constantly reset the focus of your viewers

Have you ever noticed how people go into a trance-like state whenever watching television? Have you ever thought about WHY this REALLY happens? Well, there?s a NUMBER of reasons for this of course… perhaps an entertaining storyline and maybe some nice visuals and sound effects. But something you might not have noticed is how often the SCREEN changes. In nature, our brains have been programmed to notice a change.

For example, in pre-historic times, when a predator starts moving in the long grass, our eyes would automatically sense the movement and engage our whole bodies for a fight or flight response. Today, that hardwiring is still in place. And TV and movies are taking massive advantage of that by constantly changing the screen, and thereby constantly resetting our attention.

Which of course leads to us watching for much longer than we normally would. To use this effect, make sure you change the screen of your video frequently by using b-rolls (Google that if you don’t what it is), jump cuts (where you instantly zoom in and out… like this…) and segways or transitions like this… Those are some simple things you can do to reset the attention of your audience… at getting them into a kind of ‘trance-like’hypnotizedd state to keep watching your videos… just like on TV. Finally, number three:

Number Three: Always ad an X-Factor at the end

In MY definition, the X-Factor of your video a simple way of making your video stand out even more and making you come across more special to your viewers. You normally do this right at the END of your videos. An easy way of including an X-Factor is to use some of the bloopers from your recording at the end of your videos. These can really break the ice a lot, and it will help people build a natural affinity with you… which in the end will get them to WANT to watch more of your videos in the future. You can also do other things like showing behind the scenes clips, or talking about what?s coming up inside your next video.

Ok so let’s recap… Number 1: Use the Z-Factor idea to create a massive open loop at the start and throughout your videos… Number 2: Reset the attention of your viewers with b-rolls, jump cuts and segways… And Number 3: Create a strong affinity with your viewers by adding an X-factor? right at the end. Things like bloopers, behind the scenes clips, or opening up a loop for your next video… Ok that’s it. Those are my top three tips for grabbing people’s attention and getting them kinda addicted?to your video content… in a NICE way of course!

If you?ve enjoyed watching this video, make sure you subscribe to my channel here on YouTube, or visit my site at http://GideonShalwick.com for much more free video?marketing advice and information.

Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you inside my next video!

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Gideon Shalwick is YouTube's #1 most subscribed online video marketing channel. He is also the founder of www.splasheo.com and the co-founder of www.veeroll.com; two start-ups in the video marketing space. He freely shares his knowledge about successful video marketing at www.GideonShalwick.com

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