How to Use Video Analytics to Measure Your Impact

Why should we employ video analytics? For that, let’s turn to the age-old philosophical question that starts – if a tree falls in the forest… By now the saying is somewhat of a cliche, but marketing teams everywhere know that…

5 Tips to Improve Video Security for Your Enterprise

With so much of our work life taking place online and in the cloud, keeping internal files and communications secure is a challenge for every enterprise. But while we’ve gotten used to 21st century security for safe password creation and…

5 Important Elements to Include in Your Training Videos

5 Important Elements to Include in Your Training Videos

It’s no secret that watching training videos isn’t most employees’ favorite activity. It’s common for people to multitask while the video plays muted in the background, skim through the screenshots to find the “important” sections, or take the post-training quiz…


5 Advantages to Using an Online Video Editor

Are you debating whether to invest in on-premises video editing software or subscribe to an online visual communication platform? Both can create beautiful, professional-quality videos, but an online video editor has some distinct advantages. Here are five of them. 1….

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