10+ Best AI Video Generators of 2024 [Complete Review]

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Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to incorporate AI videos into your daily video creation workflows?

In the past, creating engaging videos required a steep learning curve, hours of effort, and often, expensive professional equipment.

Now, with the AI video generator market expected to be worth $1.76 billion by 2030, the possibilities are endless. Today, anyone with an idea and tools can generate stunning videos online effortlessly and affordably.

Understanding the urge to create compelling video content, many companies have stepped forward with AI-based solutions. 

But which is the best one?


  • We have tested some of the best AI video generators and curated this list of the top solutions you should keep an eye out for in 2024.
  • Our criteria for selection were affordability, ease of use, features offered, and customer satisfaction.
  • Some of our best findings come packed with API integrations, idea-to-video, text-to-video, PPT-to-video, and other unique features, all catering to your unique needs.

What’s the Buzz About AI-Powered Videos?

The world of video content has taken a quantum leap thanks to the advent of AI video generators. These solutions use advanced algorithms to automate the video creation process, making it seamless and efficient.

The result? High-quality videos that look professionally made without breaking your budget or requiring any technical expertise.

But why exactly are AI-powered videos becoming so popular?

The reasons vary, but some of the key points would include:

Improved Speed and Efficiency

While using an AI video generator online, one may count on getting the job done in hours, if not minutes. This is because AI technology automates most of the processes – from finding and compiling relevant video clips to editing them into a cohesive story.

However, it’s not as simple as just pressing a button and having a ready-made video. The AI still requires human input, such as selecting the type of video, desired style, and adding personal touches.

Greater Cost Savings

Professional video production is an expensive affair that can put a strain on any business’s marketing budget. AI video generators offer a more affordable alternative without compromising on quality.

Wider Accessibility

AI video generators are designed to be user-friendly and require little to no technical knowledge. This makes it possible for anyone to create engaging videos regardless of background or skill set.

10+ Best AI Video Generators to Create a Video in a Snap!

Before we dig deeper into finding the best software to satisfy your needs, it’s worth noting that these reviews may change over time as tools upgrade and more user feedback is generated. We will carefully monitor the market to ensure our selection remains relevant and up-to-date.

Happy reading!

1. Powtoon Imagine 

Features to Explore 

  • AI-powered video creation
  • AI voiceover with human character voices
  • AI script generator
  • Smart scenes with pre-built animated sets and characters
  • Royalty-free stock footage and music library
  • Subtitles and translation

And so much more!

More Things You’ll Love

Presenting Powtoon Imagine, our number one choice. Why is it the best? It does all of the work from beginning to end, produces a polished first draft of your video so you can concentrate just on editing it to perfection, and doesn’t require any guidance or writing experience. 

The magic of Powtoon Imagine isn’t over once your AI-generated video is ready. It handles the initial AI video creation, while Powtoon’s robust studio of editing tools empowers limitless customization. Add your personal touch by editing text, colors, animation, voiceovers, and more to complete your vision.

Refining Your Video in the Powtoon Studio

Powtoon’s Imagine Producer is paired with the Powtoon Studio, a comprehensive and user-friendly editing platform. This dynamic duo gives you the freedom to refine your video further with an array of advanced yet intuitive tools. In the Powtoon Studio, you can inject your own unique style by adding or changing media, adjusting text styles, and modifying other visual elements.

You’ll also have the option to enhance the audio-visual experience by adding background music or sound effects that set the right mood for your video. Another highlight is the ability to incorporate voiceovers, adding a personal touch to your video content. The platform also allows you to add animated characters to your video, offering an engaging way to present information or tell a story.

2. Synthesia

Features to Explore

  • Text-to-video conversion
  • 140+ AI avatars paired with AI voices in 120+ languages
  • Collaboration tools

Things to Consider

  • Poor quality on bigger screens

More about Synthesia

Described as a natural-sounding AI video generator, Synthesia integrates the latest voice cloning and video production technologies to provide users with a seamless experience. With its incredible features and tools to simplify the video creation process, it has quickly gained popularity among businesses.

Synthesia’s AI-generated avatars are an impressive feature, providing a realistic representation of your video content. These avatars are great for enhancing knowledge base resources, especially if budget and time constraints prevent hiring real people.

Moreover, Synthesia allows you to upload your own footage and superimpose the AI avatar, delivering a dual-layered presentation.

However, the technology may not be quite ready for presentations on a larger screen. While they are quite good, they are not flawless. On a full screen, some imperfections and unnatural movements can be spotted.

Working towards democratizing video content creation, Synthesia also allows its users to generate videos in multiple languages, making it ideal for businesses with a global reach. However, being limited to web-based usage may inconvenience some users, especially those preferring offline or on-the-go editing.

3. Descript

Features to Explore

  • Text-based video and audio editing
  • Eye Contact feature allowing to read from a script
  • Automatic filler words and silence removal

Things to Consider

  • Free plan available for one transcription hour per month
  • Lacks mobile application

More about Descript

As an AI-powered video editing platform, Descript helps its users automate and simplify some of the most complicated video production processes.

The automatic transcript editing feature suggests that anything a user adds, moves, or deletes in the transcript immediately affects the video. This can become a significant time saver for those with frequent errors or who need extensive editing.

Additionally, if you are uncomfortable speaking directly to the camera or want a more polished look without pauses and lost eye contact, the software allows you to record your audio while reading from a script. The AI engine adjusts the position of your eyes to ensure you appear to have maintained eye contact with your audience throughout the video.

Descript offers tools and additional transcription hours for users on the paid plans. However, note that the free plan provides one transcription hour per month with limited features.

4. Runway 

Features to Explore

  • Gen-2 text-to-video tool
  • Animating images with AI
  • Erasing things from videos

Things to Consider

  • The pricing model is based on credits

More about Runway

Runway is an innovative platform that combines machine learning with art and design, thus democratizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and making them accessible to all, irrespective of their technical expertise.

This notion aligns with the growing trend towards making complex technologies more user-friendly and widely available.

Runway’s remarkable range of tools and features, such as the Gen-2 text-to-video tool, animating images with AI, and erasing elements from videos, make it a compelling choice for video creation and editing.

It can be a great solution for YouTubers, filmmakers, and anyone interested in creating video content that stands out with its stunning visuals and creative elements.

The platform’s pricing model is based on credits, which means users can purchase a certain amount of footage or output per month. They also deploy a user-based rating scale to evaluate the complexity of each project, and prices vary accordingly.

5. Colossyan

Features to Explore

  • Auto-translating the video into over 70 languages
  • Over 50 AI avatars speaking with various accents
  • PDF-to-video and presentation-to-video conversion

Things to Consider

  • Lacks free plan
  • Great for businesses but may be challenging to use for individuals

More about Colossyan

This software has made it into our list of the best AI video generators, as it provides all the tools a business needs to create high-quality videos without technical expertise.

Colossyan’s interface, coupled with its intuitive features and the ability to translate videos into over 70 languages, makes it a popular choice among businesses seeking to expand their reach.

Apart from that, Colossyan allows you to choose an AI avatar from over 50 options, each with its own distinct accent and speaking style. This feature ensures you create localized content that resonates with your target audience.

Converting PDFs and PPTs into interactive videos via AI is probably among the most attractive features of Colossyan and artificial intelligence in general. This approach to content repurposing makes it a great choice for users willing to incorporate AI into tutorial and training content creation.

However, note that this software does not offer a free plan and may be more suitable for businesses than individual users.

6. HeyGen

Features to Explore

  • 300+ automated voices
  • Integration with Zapier allowing to connect with other tools and apps
  • Multi-language video generation

Things to Consider

  • Limited to video generation with AI avatars

More about HeyGen

HeyGen is another AI video generator online standing out thanks to its extensive selection of automated voices available in more than 40 languages. The AI avatars represent various ethnicities, ages, and genders, making creating diverse and inclusive content easier for users.

It can be a great solution for training and explainer videos, allowing you to create clear and concise narration with text-to-speech conversion.

Getting started with HeyGen is a pretty straightforward process. You can either choose to create your video content with one of their ready-made templates or find an AI avatar and create your content from scratch. The editor is flexible, but the customization options are limited. You cannot create animated videos with HeyGen compared to other AI video generation software. It is suitable only for AI-based avatar video generation. However, it makes up for its integration with Zapier, allowing users to connect HeyGen with platforms like YouTube, Slack, etc.


Features to Explore

  • AI video script generator
  • Royalty-free stock footage and music library
  • Adding subtitles and transcribing audio with AI

Things to Consider

  • Limited editing functionality in the mobile application
  • The free plan restricts video length to a maximum upload size of 1GB

More about VEED

Assisting beginners and professionals alike, Veed is a cloud-based online video editor with a user-friendly interface and multiple editing features.

VEED is not only a potent video editing tool but a comprehensive platform for live streaming, as well. It simplifies the process of going live; all you need is your browser, and you can stream across multiple channels, invite guests in real-time, and even record your stream.

Once the live is over, the platform’s post-streaming functionality allows you to repurpose the content and turn it into clips for social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Unlike some video editing tools, VEED is capable of automatically generating subtitles by transcribing your audio or video files to text with a simple click. The platform boasts an impressive 95% accuracy rate, ensuring your transcriptions are as accurate as possible.  However, note that unlimited access to this feature is available for Pro accounts.

8. Steve AI

Features to Explore

  • Animation capabilities
  • Ability to convert blog posts into videos
  • Team-based collaboration

Things to Consider

  • Longer learning curve
  • Limited customization for advanced video creators

More about Steve AI

Packed with the minimum set of editing features required to create a video, Steve AI is an AI-based video creation tool from Animaker developers.

The platform’s most distinctive feature is its animation-making functionality, allowing users to bring their static images and graphics to life with simple drag-and-drop actions.

In contrast to other software in the market, Steve AI delivers a unique experience by providing users with a library of pre-made templates. This feature expedites the video creation process, offering an excellent starting point for users. Additionally, the platform facilitates the customization of videos by incorporating text, images, sound, and special effects.

With Steve AI’s ability to convert blog posts into videos and its team-based collaboration feature, the platform may prove useful for businesses looking to create informative and engaging content quickly.

Unlike professional animation tools and video generators, the software’s learning curve may seem steeper for beginners. Yet, the toolset lacks advanced capabilities, making it less attractive for advanced video creators.

9. DeepBrain

Features to Explore

  • Photorealistic avatars for human-like experience
  • ChatGPT integration
  • Video, audio, chromakey, and other export options

Things to Consider

  • Lacks AI avatar customization options
  • No preview functionality before publishing your video

More about DeepBrain

A unique AI video generator, DeepBrain stands out with its focus on creating human-like avatars for an interactive and engaging experience.

DeepBrain’s advanced text-to-speech capabilities with expressive, human-like speech can create an interactive dialogue with your audience. Their innovative technology also seamlessly integrates with OpenAI’s language-processing AI model, aka ChatGPT. This combination allows users to transform text into engaging conversations, adding a human touch to AI-generated video content.

Like some other best AI video generators, DeepBrain can also transform a PowerPoint presentation into a video with just a few simple clicks. This is especially useful for businesses and individuals looking to create visually appealing content quickly.

While the platform offers different export options for video, audio, chromakey, etc., it lacks customization capabilities for AI models. Additionally, no preview functionality is available before publishing your video, making it difficult to make any last-minute changes or adjustments.  So, ensure you have your script finalized before generating your video with DeepBrain.

10. Hour One

Features to Explore

  • API integration
  • 100+ stock avatars with super-realistic appearance

Things to Consider

  • Occasional issues with lip-syncing

More about Hour One

Distinguishing itself with its array of 100+ ethnically diverse AI spokespersons, each designed to bring a unique and personalized touch to your video content, Hour One is a beginner-friendly AI video generator.

Users can use various vocal options within the platform, selecting from different voices, tones, fluency, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination to their chosen characters.

Not all industry players offer API integration for their AI tools. Hour One has gone the extra mile, allowing developers to embed AI video generation capabilities into their applications, websites, or software. This feature significantly expands the versatility of Hour One beyond its inherent user interface.

With a paid subscription and access to the API system, users gain an on-demand AI training video generator and the ability to collaborate on larger projects.

While it mostly serves as a great solution for AI training videos, some users have reported occasional issues with lip-syncing. So, consider double-checking your final outcome before publishing your video. Additionally, the platform may not be the best option for advanced users due to limited customization capabilities.  However, it remains a great option for beginners or those looking for simple and accessible AI video creation.

11. Elai

Features to Explore

  • Voice cloning available in 28 languages
  • Royalty-free music, graphic, and video asset library
  • 50+ customizable video templates

Things to consider

  • Lacks timeline editing functionality
  • Only 1 minute of free credit available

More about Elai

Elai presents an innovative approach to video creation with its unique idea-to-video feature. All you need is an idea, and Elai does the rest. It generates a script, chooses an AI voice for the voiceover, and selects an AI avatar as the presenter. The platform automatically provides background music, ensuring a fully immersive video experience for your audience.

Such comprehensive support for quickly generating videos from just an idea is rare among AI solutions. The platform’s AI assistance is not only limited to video creation but also extends to editing your script. You can request the AI to add missing content, extend or reduce paragraphs, enhance the text’s engagement level, and much more.

As great as it is for beginners, more advanced users may find the software’s lack of timeline editing functionality limiting. It has the basic toolset to help you get started, but it won’t provide you with total control over the video’s structure, pacing, and flow.

Additionally, the platform only offers 1 minute of free credit for new users before requiring a paid subscription or purchasing additional credits to continue using its services.

Choose the Best AI Video Generator Today!

In conclusion, AI video generators are revolutionizing how we create and consume content, making the process more user-friendly, efficient, and versatile.

From Steve AI’s team-based collaboration feature to DeepBrain’s human-like avatars, Hour One’s API integration, and Elai’s idea-to-video feature, we’ve seen a range of unique capabilities designed to cater to different user needs and preferences.

However, each tool has limitations, whether a lack of advanced capabilities or additional customization options. It’s essential to carefully consider these aspects when choosing the best AI video generator for your specific needs.

Now, it’s time to put these insights into action! Why not start your video creation journey with Powtoon?

With various capabilities and 12-year industry leadership that allows for creating professional-grade, engaging video content, Powtoon is one of the best AI video generators to explore.

Moreover, from animated presentations to explainer videos, the platform extends our understanding of AI beyond just generating videos but also into creating interactive and visually appealing content.

So, try out Powtoon today and experience the power of AI in video creation!

Happy video-making!

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