Effective PowerPoint Presentation Alternatives

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PowerPoint has long been the reigning king of presentations, but as consumers continue to evolve, a series of slides just don’t always capture the interest of audiences anymore. Do you watch your employee’s or student’s eyes glaze over when you start a PowerPoint presentation? Are you stuck on how to effectively get their attention? Well, we have a solution for you!

Simply think about presenting as you would any other type of marketing strategy.

Get in the mind of your audience.

We live in a world where audiences are multi-taskers, clicking between multiple tabs, checking emails while on phone calls, and even texting during PowerPoint presentations! Learning how to be an engaging presenter, or using catchy text and graphics, will only go so far. Eventually the phone buzzes, a colleague calls, or someone comes upon a cool article on the web, and then your audience’s attention is zapped, and you’ve as good as lost them…

​ So how do you keep them hooked? Presentation experts in the Oral Presentation Center at Hamilton College (http://www.hamilton.edu/oralcommunication/how-to-engage-your-audience-and-keep-them-with-you) say the key to keeping your presentations engaging is by creating a presentation that is, first and foremost, focused, and uses relatable and interesting information rather than overflowing with boring facts and statistics.

Evolve the delivery of your content

The way you deliver your content should evolve like any good marketing strategy. You really need to look at the evolving marketing trends and use those methods to deliver your content with both creativity and innovation to your audience. Videos and animation are rising in popularity among marketers, and there is no better time than this to integrate them into your presentations, too.

Think about your typical PowerPoint

More or less, PowerPoint presentations consist of one slide after another, with a few graphics, fancy transitions, bullet points or statistics thrown in. However, this doesn’t match todays audiences’ wants and needs. Studies show that more consumers and audiences absorb information visually – through graphics or video – than by reading text. The PowerPoint presentations of yesterday relied on bullet points of text with a few graphics, ​ however, as videos and animated graphics are rising in popularity online, use this trend as an advantage in your presentation campaign.

So how do I do it?

We’re not telling you to sprinkle your PowerPoints with memes, or replace PowerPoints with videos. We’re telling you to PowToon!!

What’s Powtoon, you ask? PowToon is a free (and awesome!) tool that can help you create animated video presentations so you can increase engagement, conversions, and boost your SEO. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

PowToon makes exciting presentations easy, and will guide you step-by-step through an intuitive interface that helps you make animated, eye-catching videos. With the click of a mouse, your presentations will come to life with high-quality animated graphics.

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