The Best 13+ AI Video Editors of the Year

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Looking for an AI video editor that takes your content creation to another level?

You’ve landed in the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the finest AI video editing tools available today, with a special emphasis on productivity, efficiency, and quality.

From basic cut-and-trim features to sophisticated AI-driven effects, these tools are transforming how we create and consume video content.


  • Our thorough research has helped us filter out the best AI video editors currently available in the market.
  • It’s an era where AI helps trim and add effects and even generates video scripts with precision and creativity. From removing background noise effortlessly to creating stunning visual effects, the AI video editors we’ve discovered are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Some offer high-quality voiceovers, some come packed with millions of built-in stock videos to choose from, and some can even auto-edit your footage based on the audio track.

Let’s dive into our top picks! 

The Best AI Video Software Shortlist

  1. Powtoon Imagine for ideation and time efficiency.
  2. Invideo for creating with text prompts.
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro for advanced video editing.
  4. Runway for combining art and AI.
  5. Synthesia for human-like AI avatars.
  6. Fliki for content repurposing.
  7. Veed for rich stock footage.
  8. Wondershare Filmora for advanced tools.
  9. Movavi for great tutorials and customer support.
  10. Lumen5 for incorporating your branding elements.
  11. Descript for video and podcast making.
  12. Colossyan for multilingual AI avatars.
  13. HeyGen for voice cloning.
  14. DeepBrain AI for multipurpose video editing.

*Note: The tool reviews we present here are based on the collective experience of users and their shared opinions from publicly available sources. Be aware that these reviews may change over time due to ongoing user feedback. The primary objective of this article is to accumulate and present user feedback regarding AI video editing tools/software cohesively. This is intended to aid readers in making informed decisions when selecting the video editing tool that best suits their needs. Now, let’s move on to the reviews!

1. Powtoon Imagine

Features You Will Love

  • AI voiceover with human character voices: Powtoon Imagine takes voiceover capabilities to a new level by offering AI-generated text-to-speech voiceovers with human-like results, enriching the narrative of your videos.
  • Idea-to-video for easy video creation: With this feature, you can transform your ideas into engaging videos effortlessly.
  • Smart scenes with pre-built animated sets and characters: This feature allows you to use pre-constructed scenes and characters, boosting efficiency and creativity.
  • Add a personal touch: Users can add their branding, including logos, color schemes, and fonts, to maintain brand consistency.
  • Localize videos across global audiences: The platform can auto-translate videos into various languages, making it ideal for localizing global training and communication.
  • AI scriptwriter: Powtoon Imagine provides a personal AI scriptwriter assistant. It’s a solution that makes it simple and quick for users to generate professional-quality video screenplays. 

General Overview

If you’re seeking video inspiration but feeling creatively stuck, Powtoon’s AI is here to help! 

This feature can generate a range of video ideas to ignite your creativity and bring your vision to life. Consider it your on-demand brainstorming partner, always ready to spark your next project.

Powtoon Imagine is a shining star among AI video editors, boasting an intuitive toolkit and an interface that’s as friendly as your favorite barista. But here’s the kicker – you don’t need to be an AI whizz, a seasoned writer, or possess a treasure trove of media resources to spin up mesmerizing videos. Powtoon Imagine has simplified the video creation process from A to Z, making it a go-to choice for both beginners and pros. 

And it doesn’t stop there!

Fancy a slice of customization? Powtoon has you covered with a whopping library of over a thousand graphics and elements from which to choose. So whether you’re crafting a charming custom character or creating a captivating scene, Powtoon hands you the creative reins.

How Powtoon Imagine Works

Creating a captivating video with Powtoon Imagine is a simple, intuitive process that unfolds across a few key steps:

Step 1: Share Your Needs

The journey begins by outlining your distinctive video requirements. Be it a product explainer, a corporate training video, or a personalized message, the flexibility of Powtoon Imagine caters to your needs.

Step 2: Choose from Ideas

Based on your specifications, Powtoon Imagine presents an array of AI-generated video concepts. You can browse these suggestions and select the one that resonates with your vision.

Step 3: Customize

Powtoon Imagine doesn’t stop at providing a first draft of your video. It offers you the opportunity to inject your unique touch into the video. Highlight key points, set your tone and style, and even integrate your brand name into the video.

Step 4: Generate and Preview

Upon finalizing your customizations, Powtoon Imagine swiftly generates your video. You can now preview the video, ensuring it meets your standards and fulfills your objectives.

Step 5: Edit in Powtoon Studio

For those desiring an extra layer of refinement, Powtoon Imagine provides access to the Powtoon Studio, a user-friendly advanced editing platform. Here, you can add or modify media, edit text, change style elements, and tweak audio effects and voiceover. And that’s not all – the Studio also allows you to add voiceovers, animated characters, and so much more, propelling your video to the next tier of excellence.

Next-Level AI Video Maker

Powtoon Imagine sets itself apart from other AI video editors by offering a dream team of AI assistants that diligently manage your video production from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and hands-off experience. 

Now, let’s turn the spotlight on Ridley, Powtoon Imagine’s AI-powered video production assistant, and explore how it revolutionizes the video creation process.

Whether you’re looking for an AI video generator from images or tools for advanced video editing, Powtoon Imagine’s artificial intelligence algorithms and Ridley’s expertise have you covered. 

Ridley serves as your trusted sidekick, offering unwavering support and inspiration as you bring your ideas to life through visual masterpieces. With Ridley, the process of video creation becomes a seamless and elegant endeavor, expertly synchronized with your individual rhythm.

The result?

A video that is not just a mere combination of clips and sounds but a captivating narrative that resonates with your audience, holding them in rapt attention from beginning to end.

2. Invideo

Invideo homepage

Features You Will Love

  • The platform can generate voiceovers that sound natural, enhancing the quality of the videos.
  • Users can enter a topic, and Invideo AI takes care of script generation, scene creation, and voiceover addition.
  • Invideo allows customization based on the target audience and platform, ensuring each video is unique.

Things to Consider

  • Poor search functionality
  • The price may be a little high for some users

General Overview

Using artificial intelligence, Invideo AI is an advanced online video creation platform that automates and enhances the video production process. 

Using text instructions, users can produce videos on the Invideo platform. Users can create scenes, add voiceovers, modify the video to their specifications, and write a screenplay easily because of the process’s quick and straightforward building design.  

This AI-powered tool is particularly helpful for people who want to interact with their audience without dealing with the hassles of making videos. This platform is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises, making it a versatile tool for various video creation needs.

However, due to its higher price point and limited search functionality, some users may want to consider other options if cost and ease of navigation are crucial factors in their decision-making process.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Identifies the focal point in shots and maintains visibility when changing aspect ratios, which is useful for adapting videos for different social media platforms.
  • Improves dialogue quality by removing background noise.
  • Offers quick color corrections, including exposure, contrast, and white balance adjustments.

Things to Consider

  • Significantly longer learning curve for beginners

General Overview

Adobe has been working on methods to improve workflows ever since generative AI became widespread, and this one will be very beneficial to advanced video editors. 

From social media producers to professional filmmakers, Adobe’s AI video editing features in Premiere Pro are made to be more creative and efficient for an extensive range of users. 

Adobe Premiere Pro uses AI to accelerate various aspects of the video editing process, including transcription, editing, color grading, audio adjustment, captioning, and delivery workflows. This AI functionality, powered by Adobe Sensei, aims to save time and open up new creative possibilities for users.

4. Runway

Runway homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Runs initiatives like the AI Film Festival and Creative Partners Program, aiming to foster a community of creatives who utilize AI in their work.
  • Text-to-image, image-to-image, infinite image expansion, inpainting, frame interpolation, custom AI training, and more.

Things to Consider

  • Using some of the AI Magic Tools, as well as upsizing and removing watermarks from created videos, costs credits.

General Overview

Runway is an innovative artificial intelligence platform that leverages AI techniques to revolutionize the creative industry. It offers a variety of tools and resources to push the boundaries of traditional artistic and storytelling mediums. With Runway, you can produce videos realistically and reliably using only words. It’s similar to filming a new project without really filming anything.

A new set of tools from Runway makes it easy to turn an image or even a simple text instruction into a movie. The enhanced picture production and the ability to select which area of an image to animate are among the new features.

Yet, be ready to spend extra dollars for credit allocation if you want to try out some of Runway’s more advanced AI Magic Tools. 

5. Synthesia

Synthesia homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Over 140 realistic AI avatars representing diverse demographics
  • Access to over 60 professional video templates
  • Offers voiceovers in over 120 languages and accents

Things to Consider

  • There might be limitations in terms of creativity, customization, and uniqueness

General Overview

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that specializes in employing AI to produce high-quality videos. A selection of realistic AI avatars from Synthesia are available to deliver the content in the videos. By functioning as virtual presenters, these avatars improve the audience appeal of the information. 

Synthesia enables users to create studio-quality videos using AI avatars and voiceovers in over 120 languages. This process is as easy as making a slide deck and requires no cameras, microphones, or studios.

Still, with its focus on virtual presenters, Synthesia is tailored for creating AI avatar videos and does not support animations or animated video types.

6. Fliki

Fliki homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Access to stock media assets to enhance videos
  • Easily embed videos into various platforms and tools
  • Ability to transform blogs, tweets, PowerPoint presentations, and more into videos

Things to Consider

  • Longer learning curve with some users reporting issues with familiarizing themselves with the platform’s features and capabilities

General Overview

Using innovative AI technology, Fliki AI is one of the advanced AI video editors that make creating videos easier and faster. It’s a one-stop shop that turns ideas and text into captivating videos with realistic artificial intelligence voices. 

Some key characteristics are simple script-based editing, quick video creation with realistic voiceovers, and large-scale, reasonably-priced content production. Fliki is a flexible tool for various users as it can handle a broad range of content demands, from personal blogs to polished business presentations.

7. Veed

Veed homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Access to customizable templates and thousands of royalty-free audio and video clips helps create diverse and engaging content.
  • The ability to create videos without personal footage is particularly useful for users who lack resources for filming.
  • Integrating various elements like music, voiceovers, captions, and animations into videos enhances the overall quality and viewer engagement.

Things to Consider

  • Clip breakdown issues
  • Several users have complained about the slowness and sluggishness of the server, which makes creating videos take longer.

General Overview

Veed’s AI video editor streamlines content creation, allowing you to quickly assemble videos with features like AI avatars, voiceovers, captions, animations, and a vast selection of royalty-free audio and video clips. You don’t need your footage to start; use an animated AI avatar for narration and create voiceovers from text instantly. 

The platform offers tools to generate video scripts swiftly and customizable templates for rapid production, ensuring professional-quality videos in minutes. This efficient process eliminates the need to build from scratch, making VEED ideal for fast and effective video creation.

However, note that the platform’s server performance has occasionally been reported to exhibit a slower response time, leading to increased video creation duration. This could potentially pose an obstacle for those seeking swift content generation, particularly during peak usage periods.

8. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare filmora homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Includes tools for audio editing, like equalizer, background noise removal, and audio keyframing for more dynamic sound editing.
  • Allows for sophisticated motion tracking, useful for adding dynamic elements to videos.
  • Offers chroma key functionality (green screen) for compositing different backgrounds or effects.

Things to Consider

  • Can be demanding on computer resources, especially when working with high-resolution video or complex projects.
  • Professionals working with multicam editing might find Filmora’s capabilities somewhat limited.

General Overview

Popular video editing program Wondershare Filmora is well-known for its rich feature set and intuitive interface, making it suitable for both novice and expert users. It is the perfect option for anyone who wants to make professional-looking films without the complexity sometimes associated with specialized video editing tools since it combines strong editing capabilities with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Coming packed with so many advanced tools, Wondershare Filmora may not be the best option for beginners or users looking for a simple and straightforward editing experience. However, the platform is ideal for professionals or experienced users who want to take their video projects to the next level with advanced features such as motion tracking and chroma key functionality. While it may be more demanding on computer resources, its extensive toolset makes it a top contender among AI video makers.

9. Movavi

Movavi homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Offers advanced tutorials and customer support.
  • Motion tracking and picture-in-picture tools.
  • Tools for basic video editing tasks such as trimming, cutting, merging, and adding effects. 
  • Some versions may include more advanced features like color correction, chroma keying (green screen), and picture-in-picture effects.

Things to Consider

  • Lacks clip pre-trimming and sophisticated trim modes
  • Unable to work with the Apple Silicon M1

General Overview

Movavi Video Editor offers a sleek, user-friendly design coupled with advanced AI capabilities for an enhanced video editing experience. It features smarter AI video tools for tasks like background removal, motion tracking, and noise removal, allowing you to create more stunning and professional videos effortlessly. 

With faster video cutting and new overlay effect modes, this editor is designed to impress. Additionally, its intuitive drag-and-drop interface for filters, titles, transitions, and overlays makes video editing quick and easy, even for beginners. 

On the downside, we know that Movavi does not natively support the Apple Silicon M chips, instead employing the Rosetta emulator to run on these systems.

While Rosetta is a built-in utility in Apple’s system that mimics Intel architecture, it’s not without its potential issues. Its emulation nature can lead to occasional instability, impacting the software’s performance and user experience. Although generally stable, these infrequent destabilizations can be inconvenient for users, particularly for those who rely heavily on the software for professional purposes.

10. Lumen5

Lumen5 homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Offers access to a vast library of stock photos, video clips, and music, providing a range of options for video customization.
  • It excels at converting articles, blog posts, and other text into engaging video formats, making it a great tool for content repurposing.

Things to Consider

  • As a cloud-based platform, it requires a stable internet connection, which can be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Rendering may take longer than expected.

General Overview

Lumen5 is a popular online video creation platform primarily used for transforming text content into engaging video formats. It’s especially favored by marketers, bloggers, and businesses looking to convert blog posts, articles, or other textual content into visually appealing videos for social media, websites, or advertising. 

While Lumen5 offers a user-friendly interface and a vast library of stock media, it’s worth noting that, like any other online platform, it requires a stable internet connection. This can present difficulties for users in areas with poor connectivity or those who prefer to work offline. Furthermore, the rendering process can sometimes be time-consuming, depending on the complexity of the video.

11. Descript

Descript homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Presence of a sidebar – breaking the scripts up into different “chapters” that make it easier to create quickly.
  • Detailed and selective batch exports of audio clips.
  • Audio file editing via transcript.

Things to Consider

  • Navigating multiple projects and files may be harder than with other AI video editors
  • Per user/editor pricing model, which can turn expensive for larger teams

General Overview

Descript is an all-in-one video and podcast editing software that simplifies the editing process to be as easy as working with a document. It’s designed to cater to a wide range of content creators, from podcasters and YouTubers to marketing and sales teams. 

Users may find it challenging to navigate and organize their work efficiently, especially when dealing with complex projects that involve numerous files. This can be a time-consuming endeavor and potentially affect the overall workflow. Another disadvantage of Descript is its pricing model. Its per-user/editor pricing scheme can be expensive, especially for larger teams, potentially making it a less viable option for such scenarios.

12. Colossyan

Colossyan homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Features for capturing screen activity and adding subtitles, enhancing the instructional quality of videos.
  • Ability to create custom AI avatars for a more personalized touch.

Things to Consider

  • While AI avatars are innovative, they may lack the nuanced expression of real human presenters.

General Overview

Colossyan is a cutting-edge AI video platform specializing in workplace education. It provides auto-translation into several languages and allows the creation of AI films from text in a matter of minutes. This platform is intended for anyone who wants to effectively convert written material – like PDFs and PPTs – into interesting, educational videos.

It’s especially helpful for corporate communications, e-learning, and training since it makes it easier to produce high-quality video material without requiring a lot of resources for video production.

Yet, a closer look may reveal some limitations with Colossyan. For instance, while its AI avatars are impressive, they may not fully replace the human touch in a video presentation. Some users have reported the avatars’ inability to convey subtle facial expressions and gestures, which can sometimes affect the intended message’s delivery. 

13. HeyGen

HeyGen homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Onboarding tutorials are integrated right into the HeyGen user experience, which makes it easy for new users to get started.
  • You can concentrate on creating rather than troubleshooting, thanks to the platform’s ease of use.
  • It operates effectively in terms of reliability, speed, and resource use.

Things to Consider

  • The AI avatars’ actions and facial expressions can be beyond your control.

General Overview

HeyGen is a leader in the use of generative AI in video creation and performs a variety of video-related tasks. As a result, it has an excellent AI voice cloner, AI-powered text-to-speech, and AI avatar generation. With the help of these products’ user-friendly user interface, artists may do more. 

Although this AI editor boasts many amazing features, some limitations may be worth considering. For instance, while AI avatars can be a fun and unique addition to video content, users do not have full control over their actions and facial expressions. This can sometimes result in unexpected or unprofessional outcomes requiring additional time to adjust or edit. 

14. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain ai homepage

Features You Will Love

  • Extensive avatar library
  • The platform supports text-to-speech capabilities in over 80 languages, with lifelike AI voices.
  • DeepBrain AI can be used for various purposes, including training videos, educational content, marketing videos, news videos, and more.

Things to Consider

  • No integrations

General Overview

With the use of AI technology, DeepBrain AI is a flexible platform that makes video creation easier for a variety of users, including those with little to no technical experience. It may be applied to a wide range of sectors and provides a number of capabilities to improve video content.

The extended library of more than 80 languages and AI avatars, which can be customized as needed, is one of the platform’s standout features. However, some users have reported difficulties with onboarding and a lack of integration options with other software or platforms. This may limit its usability for those who rely on specific tools or workflows in their video creation process. 

The Bottom Line

So, which is the best AI video editor?

Choosing one ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a platform that excels at converting text into video format, Powtoon Imagine, Runway, or HeyGen may be the best options for you. If you need advanced features like custom AI avatars, Colossyan and Synthesia offer plenty of options with multilingual customization.

Yet, considering factors such as ease of use, advanced features, and flexibility, Powtoon Imagine stands out as an excellent choice. It’s a versatile tool that caters to a variety of video editing needs, from simple animations to sophisticated presentations. 

Coming with Ridley, your personal AI video production assistant, the software’s expansive set of features and intuitive interface empower even non-tech-savvy users to create professional-quality videos. Whether you’re a marketer, educator, or content creator, Powtoon Imagine has the potential to elevate your video editing game and help you stand out in today’s digital landscape.

So, why wait? Give Powtoon Imagine a try and see the difference for yourself!

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