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How One Customer Used Powtoon To Increase Conversions & Email Subscriptions

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As I was browsing Twitter the other day I came across a blog post that immediately caught my eye. The fact that at least 50 other people retweeted this blog post made it all the more visible, and led me to consider that it was probably something really great. Surprise! It was a fabulous post written by one of our customers, and affiliates, who has successfully used Powtoon not only to increase conversions, but also to increase her email subscriptions. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to share her story and feature it as another one of Powtoon’s success stories!


Lisa, our customer, writes in her blog that she “increased her domain and hosting orders by 30%, and her email subscriptions by 50% in the last month” because of the Powtoon videos that she hosted on her site. She then continues to explain that the best part about Powtoon is that “it can apply to almost any kind of site, and the results are immediate”!


So why are these videos so effective at increasing conversions?

First of all, in today’s day and age, we are much more adept at absorbing visual information than we are at absorbing textual information. This practice is quite popular these days in email
newsletters, which can be created using email newsletter software. This fact alone makes the use of video a profound strategy in terms of marketing and advertising. It is also a great, creative way to effectively promote yourself, or your brand, by showing people what you do as opposed to just telling them.

Video gives life to your product in a way that words can’t do anymore. It is this reason that business are having so much success with our video software, and as we continue to evolve more towards visual processing, the use of video will only become a more defined and pronounced branding and advertising tool.

To conclude with the case study, Lisa stated that “Powtoon is not only incredibly easy to use, but she saw results immediately. Not only has it increased conversions for certain products that she promotes, but it has given her site more personality while adding a dose of fun! It’s really a game-changer for the video-making industry.”


We love hearing these kinds of stories, and are so glad we can share the successes of our customers with all of Powtoon’s wonderful users, followers, and fans! We hope to write about your success story next!

To read Lisa’s full blog post, Click Here!


Animated videos and presentations by PowToon


We want YOU to be Powtoon’s next success story! Don’t waste another minute to start promoting your business! Click Here to sign up for a free Powtoon account!

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